Gold Note Giglio
Gold Note Giglio
Gold Note Giglio

Gold Note Giglio: Beautiful, high-quality vinyl player from Italy

The table of the Gold Note Giglio turntable is made of three elements: the lower one, of a complex shape of variable thickness, is hand-carved from a single piece of wood and coated with black varnish (maximum thickness 50 mm), the middle one is a steel sheet 3 mm thick, which is attached to the lower layer of 16 points, which creates internal tension that makes the table rigid and at the same time suppresses vibrations. The top layer, 20 mm thick, is made of black polished acrylic. The 80 mm long spindle is machined to a tolerance of 0.02 mm from carbon steel, the bearing is bronze.

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The engine plays a key role in the sound quality of the player. For this reason, he received special attention. The 12-volt synchronous motor uses pulse width modulation technology to convert alternating current to direct current and then back to alternating current. As a result of these transformations, ideal half-waves of alternating current are obtained, minimizing possible vibrations and increasing torque. The user has access to precise adjustments of the engine rotation speed, which are stored in memory even after the device is disconnected from the network.

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The bearing system is made of hardened steel and bronze with the highest level of precision. The 23 mm thick support disc is made of Sustarin material (a special rigid PTE polymer). The new pulley has an hourglass shape and transmits rotation as accurately as possible. Every single part of the turntable has been designed to minimize any possible vibration.

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The Gold Note PST-1 power supply has the form factor of a standard AC-DC adapter. The model is also equipped with high-quality components, the grounded IEC plug increases the stability and reliability of the connection.

The innovative motor power system includes an AC-DC-AC alternating current regenerator, which absolutely precisely “sews” half waves together, which gives quiet, smooth rotation and a vanishingly small rumble.

The Gold Note Giglio turntable comes with a high-quality classic Gold Note B-5.1 tonearm and a transparent cover. The player’s weight is 15 kg.

Characteristics of Gold Note Giglio

Detonation: 0.02%;
Rumble: -80 dB;
Speed: 33-1/3 and 45 rpm +/-0.1%; Speed ​​change: electronic, fine adjustment – electronic;
Transmission: polyvinyl belt with hardness 70 Shore;
Motor: 12 Volt AC, high torque, powered via external unit;
Disc: ultra-quiet disc made of Sustarin® material, 23 mm high;
Disc spindle: special patented Split-Spindle™ system attached to the disc;
Disc Bearing: Polished bronze housing with two graphite and Teflon inner inserts.
Tonearm: 9-inch Gold Note B-5.1 tonearm with cable replacement.
Phono cartridge: No phono cartridge included.
Dimensions: 425 x 200 x 360 mm (W x H x D).
Weight: 15 kg.