Gold Note Valore 425: Affordable record player from a high-end manufacturer

Gold Note Valore 425
Gold Note Valore 425

The Valore 425 from Gold Note is the most inexpensive vinyl record player in the entire history of the company, Valore 425 Lite. Main features of Valore 425 Lite: 12 Volt synchromotor operating through an AC regenerator, long disk bearing, which came from older models, sandwich-type support disk made of HDF and polyformaldehyde, housing with complex cutouts around the motor and bearing, acrylic adjustable spikes , a new 9-inch tonearm with double counterweight and filament anti-seating, moving magnet (MM) phono cartridge.


With a relatively small weight, the player is reliably protected from vibrations and parasitic resonances. The chassis of the device is 30 mm thick and is shaped to frame the engine and disk bearing, helping to dampen unwanted vibrations. The 20mm thick support plate is made of a composite sandwich material based on HDF and POM, which further dampen and reduce vibration.

The engine of the device is equipped with a special speed stabilization system, which uses high torque and a gradual decrease in intensity to prevent parasitic vibration of the engine. The player is equipped with a proprietary nine-inch Gold Note B-5 tonearm, which perfectly suits this model and its features. The player body is finished in an impressive black lacquer.


The player is fully configured and ready to use immediately after unpacking. According to the company, despite serious optimization of all components to reduce the price, the player is able to demonstrate the superiority of analog sound over digital. Player dimensions: 425 x 360 x 170 mm (W x D x H); weight: 10 kg.

Features of Gold Note Valore 425 Lite :

30 mm thick MDF table, with internal cutouts around the motor and platter bearing, minimizing resonances and vibrations on the record;
Sandwich disc made of HDF and polyformaldehyde;
A long bearing-disk spindle system (8 cm), borrowed from older models of turntables;
Nine-inch Gold Note B-5 bearing tonearm (updated, with double counterweight);
The 12 Volt synchromotor operates through a microcontroller-regenerator of alternating current, which correctly stitches sinusoidal half-waves. Speed ​​switching is electronic. The control buttons are located on the motor cup.
Includes dustproof transparent acrylic hinged cover;
Gold Note ES-78 phono cartridge.
Two table color options – matte white varnish and matte black varnish.
Dimensions 425 x 360 x 175 mm (W x D x H) with lid closed.

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