Goldring Ethos SE: New unique MC pickup

The long-established company Goldring does not introduce new products on a regular basis, but when it does, audio enthusiasts can be sure that it is an exceptional quality product. The name Goldring is inextricably linked to the history of gramophones and record players, as the manufacturer has been a pioneer in the development of audio technology for unique design and consistent quality since 1906.

The new special edition of the enthusiastically received Ethos pickup is in the starting blocks and has truly earned the characteristics of being special and exclusive. Goldring has made no compromises in development and has set no limits to the top of the range moving coil pickups, seamlessly merging exceptional sound characteristics and innovative new features.

Gold ring Ethos SE 01

This can be seen, among other things, in the new silver coils, which consist of 99.99% silver and have fewer windings with higher conductivity. This noticeably reduces the internal impedance and effective mass of the pickup, allowing for optimized tracking and more accurate transient response.

Gold ring Ethos SE 02

The cross-armature core used is made of low mass iron to improve channel separation and create a realistic sound image. The heart of the new Ethos SE is certainly the Vital line-contact diamond needle, which is also equipped with low mass and a large contact surface that improves the frequency response and minimizes discoloration and distortion. When it comes to the generator, Goldring uses the tried and tested Gol-1 generator, which has always been and continues to be manufactured precisely by hand. Improvements were made again in the area of ​​the pole pieces. These now have a significantly reduced resistance and are therefore responsible for an expanded frequency range.

Gold ring Ethos SE 03

The GOL-1 generator is built into a precision-machined 6082-T6 aircraft grade aluminum housing. This material is characterized by low density and enormous rigidity. Thanks to its black anodized surface, it is not only extremely durable, but is also extremely visually appealing.

Price and availability

Every lover of exclusive audio technology will certainly be aware that such a noble material and the associated engineering skill come at a price. The Goldring Ethos SE moving coil pickup will be available from selected specialist retailers from February 2024 at a price of EUR 1,599.00.