J.Sikora unveils anniversary edition of the Standard MAX turntable at Axpona 2024

J.Sikora Standard MAX
J.Sikora Standard MAX

Polish-based turntable manufacturer J.Sikora has presented an anniversary turntable to the public at the Axpona 2024 audio fair. The Standard MAX turntable celebrates the manufacturer’s 15th anniversary.

In 2009, founder Janusz Sikora completed the design of his first turntable. It was the basis of the current Standard MAX model. To celebrate the 15th anniversary of J.Sikora Turntables , the company’s founder embarked on a project to push the performance limits of the award-winning Standard MAX turntable.

And how did that go? Much of the technology from the Leadware Reference turntable has trickled down to the Anniversary table. Sikora experimented extensively with replacing many of the aluminum components with brass and bronze. Through iterative prototyping, measurements and listening sessions with his son Robert, they created what is now the 15th Anniversary turntable.

According to the designers, this new version of Standard Max is an extremely precisely tuned instrument for incredible music reproduction. The device contains unique combinations of metals and alloys. In the turntable suspension, aluminum elements have been replaced by brass. The separating layers at the bottom of the turntable are now made of steel, copper and solid brass plates.

The motor housings, as with the Reference turntable, are made of one centimeter thick stainless steel, with improved internal damping and the bases are made of a two centimeter thick layer of brass. Material changes have also been made to the armboards. The new armboard is made of brass, steel and aluminum. The use of these new materials in critical places ensures that the turntable can retrieve information from the record groove at an increasingly higher level. Finally, this anniversary Standard Max is bundled with the Reference Power Supply. You could even describe this creation as a Standard Max with the soul of the Reference turntable, according to the manufacturer.

The bad news is that only fifteen copies will be built, each numbered appropriately as befits a collector’s edition. After that, a follow-up model will go into production so that more customers can enjoy this turntable.

Price and delivery information has not yet been announced. Knowing more? Then take a look at the J.Sikora website .

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