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Magnat MTT 990
Magnat MTT 990
Magnat MTT 990

Magnat MTT 990: Anniversary Edition turntable

Magnat celebrates its 50th anniversary and to mark the occasion is introducing a special version of the MTT 990 50th Anniversary Edition. Different from the “regular” MTT 990 not only in its appearance with an elegant gray with a glossy finish, but also with a new and better pickup.

Magnat MTT 990 is the first player in the company’s history. When creating it, the experience and knowledge accumulated by the company’s specialists over 45 years of developing analog Hi-Fi audio equipment came in handy. The company’s standards are so high that the first Magnat turntable for playing vinyl records simply had to be created using direct drive. The goal of the development was to combine the reliability of players for studios and DJs with audiophile-level acoustic characteristics.


The device uses direct drive with quartz stabilization and a 10-inch S-shaped tonearm with an SME connector. The table is made of MDF, which effectively absorbs resonances, and is varnished, and a special polymer with properties similar to those of vinyl is used to make the disc. The manufacturer emphasizes that thanks to this solution, “the player’s disc and the record are combined into one.”

I would call the Magnat MTT 990 a very pragmatic player. Starting with the way it was designed and built – they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel – and ending with the sound. Genre-universal, a little straightforward, but without coloration and without oddities in behavior. And the device is also easy to use. I have described everything reasonable that can be done with it in terms of an upgrade; then it is a matter of particulars, depending on personal taste and choice of head. And I repeat – the head here needs to be placed in a class higher than the standard one. The device is capable of revealing more serious models.

Features of Magnat MTT 990 50th Anniversary Edition

Direct drive with quartz stabilization ideally maintains a given speed
Beltless transmission provides natural dynamic range due to the absence of belt slippage
Heavy duty rotary platter and durable MDF body
10-inch J-shaped tonearm minimizes angular error
Three speeds (33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm) with the appropriate adapter also allows you to play shellac records

Characteristics of Magnat MTT 990 50th Anniversary Edition

Direct drive with quartz motor stabilization and high torque
Convenient one-button control
Speed ​​selection: 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Low standby power consumption: <0.5 W
Power supply 115/230 VAC 50/60 Hz (switchable)

Heavy, dense platter made from a special polymer, precision molded under high pressure
Full-size rim (diameter: 12“ / 305 mm)
Records can be placed directly on the disc or on a felt mat (included)

Principle – Quartz-controlled direct drive
Speed ​​- 33 1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Detonation coefficient – < 0.08% (33 1/3 rpm)
Signal to noise ratio (curve A) – > 72 dB
Torque – > 2.2 kgf cm
Signal to noise ratio (not weighted) – > 65 dB
Disc diameter – 305 mm
Size (WxHxD) – Cover closed: 450 x 162 x 367 mm
Weight – 11 kg

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