Mark Levinson No. 515
Mark Levinson No. 515
Mark Levinson No. 515

Mark Levinson No. 515: Award-winning high-end turntable

The Mark Levinson Model No. 515 is a premium turntable designed and manufactured in collaboration with industry leader VPI Industries. Incorporating VPI’s superior technology and manufacturing culture into unique features, performance and design, Model No. 515 is the first record player to be awarded the Mark Levinson brand.

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To achieve the incredible performance and striking design of the No. 515, Mark Levinson developed the model in collaboration with VPI Industries, renowned for its turntable innovation and exceptional build quality. The No. 515 is hand-assembled in the USA to meet the high standards of MarkLevinson’s engineers and designers.

The Mark Levinson No. 515 is manufactured in a highly damping vinyl-coated aluminum composite sandwich panel housing. The housing is mounted on machine-turned Delrin polyacetate resin and aluminum legs with a vibration-damping polymer core from Mark Levinson. The all-metal aluminum platter rotates on an inverted bearing that minimizes radial runout thanks to a hardened stainless steel shaft running in a phosphor bronze bushing.

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The powerful, high-torque AC synchronous motor is mounted on a separate vinyl-coated aluminum composite sandwich panel chassis and housed in its own mechanically insulated housing. A precision-machined pulley and triple belt drive system ensure smooth, quiet operation. A custom-designed low-distortion analog oscillator and discrete Class AB power amplifier deliver the cleanest power supply to the synchronous motor, while built-in electronic rotation control circuitry allows switching between operating frequencies of 33 and 45 rpm at the press of a button.

The Mark Levinson No. 515 uses an articulated, 3D printed tonearm with an integrated cartridge, stainless steel counterweight and separate internal pickup routing. The tonearm is mounted on a rigid machined aluminum base with a precision calibrated vertical angle that can be adjusted during operation. A stainless steel clamp weight in the style of Mark Levinson control knobs and a felt record mat provide maximum playback stability.

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Designed for the analog music enthusiast, the No. 515 is the perfect complement to the Pure Phono included in the No. 526 and No. 523 preamps. The Mark Levinson No. 515 will be offered with or without a factory-installed moving-coil cartridge.

Characteristics Mark Levinson No. 515

10-inch tonearm, made on a 3D printer, with an integrated shell
Disc rotation speeds 33 1/3, 45 rpm, electronic switching Belt drive
(3 belts)
Aluminum support
platter Inverted support bearing, steel axis in bronze holder
Detonation and speed instability less than 0.1%
Speed ​​setting accuracy no worse than 0.03%
Signal-to-noise ratio more than 85 dB
Dimensions 200 x 533 x 404 mm
Weight 26 kg

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