MoFi Electronics MasterDecMoFi Electronics MasterDec
MoFi Electronics MasterDec

MoFi Electronics unveils new MasterDeck turntable priced at $6000

MoFi Electronics has introduced a new vinyl player, MasterDeck , which occupies the top position in the company’s hierarchy.

ImageThe turntable has a belt drive and supports three rotation speeds – 78, 33.3 and 45 rpm ; smooth speed adjustment is available, the exact indicators of which are displayed on the display. The drive uses a DC motor housed in an insulated housing.


ImageThe player has a 10-inch double-support tonearm with a removable shell, which allows adjustment of azimuth, vertical tracking angle, overhang and anti-skating. Internal wiring is done with cable from Cardas Audio . The 1.75-inch-thick platter is made from a combination of aluminum and Delrin and rides on an inverted Encapsulated Spiral Groove bearing.


The turntable body is made of aluminum and solid wood and is reliably isolated from mechanical and acoustic vibrations using support legs from Harmonic Resolution Systems (HRS). There are two finishes to choose from – walnut and black ash. The total weight of the player is 19.5 kilograms , the model is manufactured in the USA.

ImageThe MoFi Electronics MasterDeck turntable  will be available in the US market in late November 2023 with a retail price of US$5,995


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