Music Hall Classic
Music Hall Classic
Music Hall Classic

Music Hall Classic: Traditional turntable packed with modern features

The Music Hall Classic is an intriguing combination of traditional design elements and modern technology and features. The turntable comes complete with a tonearm and cartridge that are partially assembled so the listener can quickly move from unboxing to listening to vinyl. The built-in phono preamp provides additional flexibility and ease of integration for those whose systems do not already include a phono stage. Not every stereo amplifier has a suitable or capable phono stage, so you get virtually everything you need for audiophile listening to vinyl, without the bulk, cost or complication of a second box that may or may not fit your turntable’s cartridge.


What makes the Music Hall Classic turntable special? Setup is simpler than most players and there’s a lot less guesswork involved in booting up. Providing a complete package eliminates the sometimes overwhelming need to choose a tonearm and cartridge combination that will work well with your turntable. This is a common question from owners of new record players. The included Music Hall MM Spirit cartridge typically sells for $100 when purchased separately. The output voltage of the cartridge is 3.5 mV, and the recommended load resistance is 47 Kom.


The included unipivot tonearm appears to be made of aluminum and is just under nine inches long. An adjustable counterweight system with clear markings makes it easy to adjust tracking force. I preferred the nearby anti-slip control knob to the effective but sometimes tricky weight on the string system. The built-in phono stage makes it easy to connect the Classic to any audio system, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a good quality, affordable turntable.


The Classic model has the look and feel of a vintage turntable from the last millennium, including the MDF base covered in thick walnut veneer and the clear acrylic top. Upon closer inspection, you’ll also notice modern touch-sensitive speed controls, allowing you to select 33 or 45 rpm. The controls are connected to an electronic speed control system that ensures a constant and precise rotation speed.


The auto-stop feature works differently than many traditional settings, which use additional mechanical elements during playback that can degrade performance. Classic’s auto stop feature detects when there is no signal at the end of the last track. Purists who want to disable this feature can do so by flicking a switch on the rear panel. The adjustable vibration dampening feet also have a simple retro aesthetic, but make it easy to level the thick platform and effectively reduce vibration.

Features of Music Hall Classic

Unit type: 2-speed semi-automatic turntable
Motor: DC motor Drive
type: belt drive
Cast aluminum platter with a diameter of 305 mm
Rotation speed: 33 1/3 and 45 rpm
Knock coefficient: typical value less than 0, 12% weighted, 3 kHz RMS (CD-4005);
limit less than 0.15% weighted, 3 kHz RMS (CD-4005)

Music Hall Classic Features

Music Hall Spirit moving magnet (MM) cartridge mounted in removable head holder
Switchable built-in phono stage
Aluminum platter with felt mat
Switchable auto-stop with raises the tonearm and stops the platter when playback is complete
Medium-density fiberboard body with adjustable vibration mounts
Dark walnut veneer
Electronic speed control (33-1/3 and 45 rpm)
Dimensions (WxHxD): 17-1/8″ x 6 -1/4″ (with dust cover) x 14-1/2″ (435 x 160 x 368 mm)
Weight: 6.89 kg

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