Music Hall mmf-7.3
Music Hall mmf-7.3
Music Hall mmf-7.3

Music Hall mmf-7.3: Classic turntable with a dual-chassis design

The Music Hall MMF 7.3 turntable features a dual-chassis design that further reduces vibration to the platter and tonearm. The platforms are separated by synthetic rubber inserts. The AC motor, as well as all electrical wiring elements, are mounted on the lower chassis, which eliminates their influence on elements installed on the upper platform.

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The device is equipped with a tonearm made of carbon fiber, the counterweight of which has a center of gravity lowered to the level of the pickup needle to improve the stability of the structure. In addition, the counterweight has additional anti-vibration damping. The internal wiring in the tonearm is made of a flexible cable with a highly purified oxygen-free copper conductor. As an option, the Music Hall MMF 7.3 can be equipped with a high-quality, lightweight Goldring Eroica H MM pickup, the sound detail of which rivals MC cartridges. The support disk of the turntable is made of acrylic, due to which it is practically free from its own resonances.

The player provides two speeds of rotation of the record, switching between which is carried out manually by moving the drive belt from one engine pulley to another. This procedure is greatly simplified due to the fact that the engine is installed openly, in the front left corner of the top panel of the turntable. The Music Hall MMF 7.3 player is equipped with a transparent dust cover. The turntable has a simple and reliable tonearm adjustment, the range of which allows you to achieve optimal matching with various models of pickups.

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Music Hall players traditionally offer a very favorable ratio of quality and price, and the MMF 7.3 model is no exception. The turntable is great for listening to music of any genre, as it has a balanced and rhythmic sound with a wide stereo image. The model is distinguished by good assembly and reliable design, and is designed for very long use as part of an audio system.

Characteristics of Music Hall MMF 7.3 

Rumble level less than – 70 dB
Disc rotation speeds 33 1/3, 45 rpm, manual switching
Support platter 300 mm, acrylic, 2.7 kg
Belt drive
Detonation and speed instability less than 0.15% (33 ,1/3)
Velocity accuracy +/- 0.9%
Project Carbon tonearm 9.5 inches, carbon fiber
Thread 18 mm
Effective tonearm weight 11 grams
Cartridge weight 2 – 16 grams
Protective cover available
Goldring Eroica H pickup, MM-type, range frequencies 20 Hz -20 kHz, stereo channel separation 25 dB, output signal 2.5 mV, channel imbalance 1 dB, vertical tracking angle 20 degrees, Gyger II needle
Dimensions (WxHxD) 464 x 140 x 337 mm
Weight 9 kg