Pro-Ject Align it Pro
Pro-Ject Align it Pro
Pro-Ject Align it Pro

Pro-Ject Align it Pro: Precise pickup adjustment

Pro-Ject Audio Systems introduces the Pro-Ject Align it Pro as their newest tool for effortless pickup adjustments. Designed for precision, the Align it Pro allows for adjustments tailored to your specific tonearm length, featuring clear markings for 8″, 9″, 10″, and 12″ to simplify the process.

Pro-Ject Align it Pro - Precise Pickup Adjustment
Pro-Ject Align it Pro – Precise Pickup Adjustment

While it’s compatible with a broad spectrum of players and tonearms from different brands, it’s especially fine-tuned for Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ own offerings.

The Pro-Ject Align it Pro features a versatile machine screw with a dual-ended design: a pointed end that is universally suitable for various tonearms or bearings, and a flat end that precisely fits the center screw of Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ high-quality audio systems. This tool is specifically compatible with a range of Pro-Ject tonearms and bearings, including models like the Pro-Ject X1, X2, 9cc, 10cc, 12cc, as well as the evolved versions 9cc Evolution, 10cc Evolution, and 12cc Evolution.

A standout characteristic of the Pro-Ject Align it Pro is its ability to quickly and accurately set the exact distance necessary for the correct overhang, as emphasized by the manufacturer. This precision eliminates the need for alternating between the inner and outer zero points to achieve the optimal alignment for the sensor, streamlining the adjustment process for optimal performance.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems adopts the Baerwald geometry principle for the Pro-Ject Align it Pro, a method deemed by the manufacturer as the most versatile and thus the optimal solution catering to both novices and experienced users alike. This approach ensures a broad applicability and ease of use, with the product accompanied by comprehensive instructions to guide users through the setup process, facilitating precise alignment for optimal audio performance.

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