Pro-Ject Audio 6 Perspex Balanced


Turntable 6 PerspeX from Pro-Ject Audio Systems has been an integral part of the Austrian manufacturer’s X-series for years. Due to its excellent performance and the transparent, eye-catching chassis, it has been a real favorite for years according to the manufacturer and that is a good reason for an upgrade, i.e. a balanced connection for the output signal.

Pro-Ject Audio 6 Perspex Balanced: turntable with 9-inch Evo Tonearm

The 6 Perspex Balanced is presented with the slogan “crystal clear sound and appearance”. Yes, it shows. The transparent acrylic base stands on three individually height-adjustable TPE-damped conical aluminum feet and supports the engine and subchassis. The subchassis, made of Corian, rests on three magnetic fields. A magnetic subchassis suspension system avoids parasitic noises normally caused by conventional suspension mechanisms.

A silent AC motor drives the turntable with a belt. It contains an advanced DC-driven motor control, which ensures perfect speed stability and electronic speed change.

Pro-Ject Audio 6 Perspex Balanced: 9 cc EVO tonearm

The 6 PerspeX Balanced features Pro-Ject’s own high-quality 9-inch cc carbon tonearm with a solid bearing construction. It uses an ABEC 7 grade reverse gimbal bearing with four stainless steel points. This bearing type is very stable and has low friction, which ensures excellent tracking. The all-aluminum tonearm base has audiophile features. This allows both the azimuth and the vertical tracking angle (VTA) to be adjusted. Setting up and experimenting with the VTA and Azimuth is crucial to getting every last bit of performance out of the installed element.

The optionally supplied Pro-Ject Pick it MC3 element enables balanced signal transmission. The Pick it MC3 is a universal pickup that delivers powerful and dynamic sound, optimized for pop and rock, but also for great orchestral classics.

The big advantage of a balanced connection is the much better protection against picking up noise, hum and other nasties from the area around the cable. Symmetrical cables are much less sensitive to this, which is why symmetrical connections with XLR plugs are preferred in professional environments, such as recording studios and concert stages.

Pro-Ject Audio 6 Perspex Balanced: price and delivery information

The Pro-Ject Audio 6 Perspex Balanced is sold without element for just under $2.400. Including Pick it MC3 element, that is just under $2.800.

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