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Pro-Ject AUTOMAT A2: Fully automatic turntable

Pro-Ject presented the big brother in its line of automatic vinyl players . The automatic system has proven itself well in the Pro-Ject A1 model , the electronic tonearm control system turns on only after the start and end of playback and does not affect the sound quality.

The most noticeable visual difference between the two models is the much thicker base, and the company says its designers have reduced the voids inside, creating a “very heavy” hand-painted MDF enclosure that “significantly reduces unwanted resonance and isolates the A2 from external influences.” The total weight of the player is 7.3 kg.


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Potential external vibration problems are further reduced by a separate floating bearing for the tonearm, disc bearing and motor. A reinforced cast aluminum bearing top also helps strengthen the automatic movement. Automat A2 rests on aluminum legs with a silicone damper.

This time, the listener can select the drop point for the 8.3-inch thin-walled straight tonearm – for seven-inch singles or 12-inch records – and set the clamping force. The black aluminum tonearm ends in a carbon anti-magnetic head with a pre-tuned Ortofon 2M Red MM cartridge .


pro ject automat a2 novij povnistju avtomatichnij progravach 3


Pro-Ject states that the tonearm bearing has been upgraded to aluminum and features a “4-point gimbal design with a steel hub ball bearing” for “free movement of the tonearm with the least amount of friction.”


As before, the listener puts the record on the disc and then presses the start button. The electronically controlled DC motor can now drive the belt at speeds of 33, 45 and 78 rpm, selected in the upper left corner. An automatic mechanism raises the tonearm, places it over the intro track, and then lowers the stylus for playback. The mechanism turns off when the record is finished.

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