Pro-Ject Debut PRO: Refined and high-performing turntable

The Pro-Ject Debut PRO stands as a refined and high-performing turntable, embodying the epitome of audiophile design with its sophisticated technical features and attention to detail. This record player allows enthusiasts to fully immerse themselves in the rich sonic landscape offered by vinyl records.

Pro-Ject has dedicated considerable effort to crafting this high-caliber turntable at a price that’s accessible, achieving outstanding success. The Debut PRO was honored with the EISA award for “Best Value Turntable 2021-2022,” a testament to its exceptional quality and value.


Debut PRO’s sleek and attractive design ensures it’s a standout piece in any room, subtly enhancing your space without dominating it. For vinyl lovers who prioritize both sound and style, the Debut PRO is the perfect choice.

The turntable’s plinth is finished with eight layers of lacquer, resulting in a deep, exquisite appearance. Its user-friendly features include an electronic speed switch between 33/45 rpm, eliminating the need for manual drive belt adjustments, a common inconvenience with many audiophile turntables.

Easy to use

Equipped with the Ortofon Pick it PRO MM cartridge, specifically developed by the renowned Ortofon for Pro-Ject, the Debut PRO delivers an exclusive audio experience right out of the box. When it’s time for a replacement, you can easily purchase a new stylus, offering both cost savings and the opportunity to enhance your listening experience. The turntable’s compatibility with a wide range of cartridges and its high-quality, replaceable RCA signal cable provide ample customization options.

Available in a lacquered finish or genuine walnut veneer, the Debut PRO package includes a dust cover, Ortofon Pick it PRO MM cartridge, 7″ single adapter, felt mat, round drive belt for 78rpm, and RCA signal cable.


The Debut PRO’s plinth, constructed from heavy, resonance-dampening MDF, ensures a solid foundation. Its ultra-quiet motor is isolated from the chassis using a precision-tuned TPE belt, with an electronically controlled speed via a built-in DC/AC generator for a pure, stable current.

The turntable platter, crafted from solid aluminum and damped with TPE, minimizes resonances and vibrations. Adjustable aluminum feet provide insulation from ground vibrations and ensure easy leveling of the turntable.

The tonearm showcases an exclusive carbon fiber and aluminum construction, offering the ideal balance of stiffness and damping. This design, along with adjustable azimuth and vertical tracking angle, ensures optimal needle contact with the record groove, for an unmatched auditory experience.


  • Complete with factory-fitted Ortofon Pick it PRO MM pickup
  • Exclusive finish in 8 layers of lacquer
  • Resonance-dead plate in TPE-damped aluminium
  • 8.6″ sandwich tonearm in carbon fiber and aluminium
  • Electronic adjustment between 33/45 rpm
  • Adjustable aluminum feet
  • Dust cover and high-quality RCA cable included
  • Replacement needle for the included pickup can be purchased separately
  • Hand built in Europe


  • Unbalanced construction
  • Non replaceable pickup housing
  • RIAA amplifier is optional

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