Pro-Ject X2 B: Award-winning turntable with exceptional performance


The Pro-Ject X2 B is a remarkable record player that has received the prestigious EISA award for its exceptional performance. What sets it apart is its fully balanced signal path, known as True Balanced, which is a rare feature in turntables. This allows you to maximize the potential of a high-quality Moving Coil pickup (MC) when connected to a compatible balanced RIAA amplifier (optional).

By having a balanced signal path, the X2 B effectively minimizes any radiated noise, which is crucial for preserving the delicate signals produced by an MC pickup. This additional feature greatly enhances the overall performance of the turntable. However, it’s important to note that a balanced design requires more components in the signal path of the RIAA amplifier, making it typically found in higher-end hi-fi and professional equipment where performance is paramount.

The X2 B, along with the matching balanced Phono Box S3 B RIAA amplifier, has been recognized with the esteemed EISA 2022-2023 award for ‘Best Product’ in the Vinyl System category. This achievement demonstrates the effectiveness of the balanced concept and the exceptional value for money that the X2 B offers. Even if you choose not to invest in a balanced Phono Box RIAA amplifier, you can still enjoy the benefits of the X2 B without spending extra on its balanced construction. The preparation for a future balanced upgrade is minimal, requiring only the addition of XLR connectors and some extra cable due to the inherent balanced nature of MC pickups.

The X2 B’s plinth is constructed from dense MDF, which effectively dampens resonance and provides a stable foundation for the other components. The motor, known for its quiet operation, is connected to the chassis through a precisely tuned TPE belt. The speed of the motor is electronically controlled by a built-in DC/AC generator, ensuring a clean and stable power supply.

The solid acrylic plate board, weighing a substantial two kilograms, not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also helps to suppress resonances and vibrations. The robust feet, made of aluminum and TPE rubber, effectively isolate the turntable from ground vibrations. Additionally, these feet can be adjusted in height, allowing for easy leveling of the X2 B.

The tone arm is a unique construction, combining carbon fiber and aluminum in a sandwich design. The pickup housing and arm tube are integrated into one unit, resulting in excellent resonance control. The base of the tone arm is made of aluminum, providing maximum stability. Furthermore, both the azimuth and vertical tracking angle can be adjusted, ensuring optimal contact between the needle and the record groove. With the X2 B’s solid platform, this exceptional tone arm can truly showcase its full potential.


  • Fully balanced signal path using Moving Coil pickup and matching RIAA amplifier (optional)
  • Exclusive finish in 8 layers of lacquer or real wood veneer
  • Heavy and resonance-dead record plate in acrylic
  • Ready to use with factory fitted Ortofon Quintet Red MC pickup
  • 9″ tonearm in carbon fiber/aluminium
  • Electronic switching 33/45 rpm
  • Adjustable TPE cushioned aluminum feet
  • Dust cover and high-quality RCA cable included
  • Hand built in Europe


  • Balanced build-up requires MC pickup, balanced cable and balanced RIAA amplifier for full benefit
  • Non-replaceable needle insert on included pickup
  • Non replaceable pickup housing
  • No motor operation in a separate house
  • No built-in RIAA amplifier

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