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Pro-ject Xtension 9 Evolution: The ultimate audiophile record player

The Xtension 9 Evolution is a high-end, 16-kilogram audiophile record player that will exceed your hi-fi expectations. It incorporates cutting-edge technical features from Pro-Ject in a sleek,...


The Xtension 9 Evolution is a high-end, 16-kilogram audiophile record player that will exceed your hi-fi expectations. It incorporates cutting-edge technical features from Pro-Ject in a sleek, traditional design that seamlessly integrates into any premium hi-fi setup.

Featuring a carbon fiber tonearm exclusive to the Evolution series, this record player boasts a one-piece pickup body and arm construction with a tapered arm tube to eliminate standing waves. Resting on a stable platform, this sophisticated tonearm showcases its full potential.

Crafted from heavy, resonance-damping MDF, the plinth of the Xtension 9 Evolution adds to its substantial weight of 16 kg. The brass plate tensioner enhances both weight and resonance damping, forming a solid sandwich with the plate without requiring a separate plate mat.

In terms of usability, this record player stands out with its electronic speed switching between 33/45 rpm, eliminating the need to manually adjust the belt. Additionally, it comes with a stylish cover included, saving you the hassle and expense of purchasing a separate dust cover.


Choose the pickup yourself

The Xtension 9 Evolution offers a customizable experience for audiophiles. Without a pickup, you have the freedom to choose the MC or MM model that suits your preferences and budget. With four counterweights and various fine-tuning options, you can optimize the Xtension 9 Evolution to work seamlessly with most pickups available in the market. Additionally, while the included signal cable is of high quality, you have the option to upgrade to an even better type if desired.

The Xtension 9 Evolution is not only about functionality but also aesthetics. It is available in a range of elegant high-gloss finishes including black, red, white, mahogany, or olive wood. The package also includes a dust cover for added protection.

Weight, resonance damping, and an exclusive finish are the key features of the Xtension 9 Evolution. The plate itself is a marvel, with a large portion of the underside filled with resonance-damping TPE (Thermo Plastic Elastomers) instead of a solid aluminum plate. This innovative design ensures optimal sound quality.

The platter of the Xtension 9 Evolution may appear to be a record mat at first glance, but it is actually made from recycled vinyl records that have been carefully integrated and balanced to precise tolerances. This unique construction provides an ideal substrate for minimizing resonance, as the vinyl has the same properties as the record being played. To further enhance performance, the included plate tensioner in brass ensures optimal contact between the plate and the substrate.

The contact points in the inverted center liner (ball/contact surface) are made of an ultra-hard ceramic material. The center liner is magnetically relieved to achieve the perfect load for optimal sound reproduction. The central metal block not only optimizes the center of gravity but also dampens the center liner. The counterweight is cushioned with Sorbothane, a special material known for its vibration absorption properties. Additionally, the height-adjustable aluminum feet, which contribute to mechanical decoupling from the surface, are cushioned with TPE and magnetically relieved, similar to the turntable itself.


  • Exclusive, high-gloss lacquered finish
  • Extra heavy, resonance damped sandwich turntable
  • Plate tensioners in brass are included
  • Ceramic, magnetically relieved center liner
  • Electronic switching between 33/45 rpm
  • Exclusive Evolution tonearm in carbon fiber
  • Four different counterweights are included
  • Adjustable, TPE cushioned and magnetically relieved aluminum feet
  • Dust cover included


  • No motor in a separate housing
  • No built-in RIAA/phono preamplifier
  • Pickup must be purchased separately