Rega Nd3: MM element equipped with magnet made of neodymium

Rega Research has launched a new MM cartridge called Nd3. The new element is hand-built in Rega’s factory in Great Britain and features a magnet made of neodymium.

Rega Research Nd3

The new MM element Nd3 from Rega Research replaces the Elys 2 model. The Nd3 is named after the rare earth metal neodymium (Nd) and it is the first MM element that is equipped with a neodymium N55 magnet. According to the manufacturer, this is the world’s most powerful commercially available magnet and is a crucial component that enables the Nd3’s unique design by delivering more force than standard bar magnet designs.

The all-new construction has been developed over the course of ten years and the designers promise ‘next level’ performance. Each Nd3 is carefully handcrafted by skilled technicians at Rega’s factory. The design uses a brand new generator geometry with perfect symmetry to achieve highly accurate channel balance. The Nd3 also has optimized pole spacing for superior linearity and low crosstalk.

The Nd3 features miniaturized parallel coils that are wound internally, using 38 micron gauge wire with just 1,275 turns. This produces a low inductance, low impedance generator and the result is an improved high frequency response. The housing is made of polyphenylene sulfide (PPS), which is a very light yet stiff material. The cantilever is made of aluminum. The stylus has an elliptical shape.

Rega specifies a recommended needle pressure of 1.75 grams. The specified output voltage is 5 to 6 mV.

The element comes in 100% recyclable packaging. Rega gives a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

Delivery is said to start soon, but we have not yet received any price information.

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