Skyanalog launches new mc elements with yan suspension system
Skyanalog launches new mc elements with yan suspension system
Skyanalog launches new mc elements with yan suspension system

Skyanalog launches new MC elements with yan suspension system

Skyanalog has developed a new suspension system for MC elements. All MC elements from Skyanalog, except the entry-level model, are equipped with the Yan suspension system.

The suspension system plays a crucial role in MC elements, as it relies on the interplay between the spring and rubber ring to securely hold the cantilever in place. By utilizing a newly engineered spring material with enhanced elasticity and an innovative rubber ring composition, the system achieves improved high-frequency tracking accuracy and increased stiffness, minimizing data loss. The refined material properties also enable exceptional tracking performance, even with an exceptionally low needle force averaging at 1.35 grams.

All new Skyanalog MC Cartridges, except for the basic model the P-1M, are equipped with the Yan system.

The advantages of the Yan System can be summarized as follows:

  • Maximum information and minimum distortion.
  • Exceptionally wide dynamic range and a superior 3D sound image.
  • Improved transient response and clarity.
  • Despite extremely detailed reproduction, the Yan System maintains a neutral-warm sound profile.

Skyanalog P-1Green

The P-1Green features the advanced Yan System and has the same open design as that of its widely acclaimed predecessor, the P-1. The engine is derived from the P-2. With its square iron coil, a boron cantilever and an Elliptical Stylus produced in Japan, the P-1Green, priced at only 599 euros, is the ultimate High-End MC cartridge up to 1,000 euros retail.

Skyanalog G-1 MKII, G-2 MKII and G-3 MKII

The MKII versions are equipped with the Yan System. The prices have remained unchanged, making the price/quality ratio even better.

Skyanalog: Reference

The new version of the REF is also equipped with the Yan System. The price is unchanged compared to its predecessor, so that the price/quality ratio has become even better here.

Skyanalog 25th Anniversary Edition

The Diamond 25th with Diamond Cantilever is the epitome of an MC cartridge with performance that belongs to the absolute top level. The extremely correct phase behavior allows for amazing placement of instruments and vocals. The flat frequency response provides a super detailed yet neutral reproduction, thanks to the unique combination of a Micro-Ridge Stylus, a Diamond cantilever and the Yan System in an extremely rigid housing.

The integration of the Yan System with the diamond cantilever sets a new benchmark in sound reproduction: The synergy between the Diamond Sylus and the Diamond Cantilever provides unparalleled stiffness, eliminating signal loss from the grooves to the engine.

Improved heat dissipation: The thermal conductivity of diamond far exceeds that of boron, ruby ​​or sapphire. This means that the diamond combination dissipates the heat generated during playing more efficiently. This benefits the lifespan of vinyl records.

The Diamond 25th isn’t just a giant leap forward in analogue playback; Skyanalog’s commitment is to unlocking beautiful vinyl recordings for audiophiles around the world.