The DL-103o is a collaboration between Denon and OJAS

Denon has been selling the MC cartridge DL-103 since 1962. While there have been some enhancements along the way, the core features have stayed consistent. Recently, a special edition called DL-103o was created in collaboration with Devon Turnball, also known as OJAS, and is available in limited quantities.

DL-103o: built by Denon, styled by Devon Turnbull

The year 2024 is an eventful year for Devon Turnbull. In May, his HiFi Pursuit Listening Room Dream No. started. 2 exhibition at SFMOMA. The audio artist is possibly known for his listening setups with self-designed speakers and amplifiers. In this way he introduces a new generation of audio enthusiasts to high-end analog music reproduction.

Now Turnbull unveils his latest project under the OJAS brand: a special edition of the Denon DL-103R MC cartridge. The special edition has been given the name DL-103o.

The OJAS x Denon DL-103o cartridge combines hi-fi history, excellent performance and education. Denon initially approached Turnbull about a digital audio collaboration. He liked a collaboration, but proposed an alternative project with the legendary Denon DL-103 cartridge, a cartridge known worldwide by audio enthusiasts. The DL-103 has remained largely unchanged since its introduction in 1962. It is hand-crafted by Denon in Shirakawa, Japan. The production capacity is approximately forty pieces per day.

The Denon DL103 was one of Turnbull’s first MC elements. MC pickups can provide superior frequency response, precision and articulation compared to MM pickups, despite MC pickups being more complex to produce. The DL-103 competes with more expensive elements and is therefore an indispensable part of Turnbull’s installations and audio setups.

The aim of this project is to introduce the Denon DL-103 cartridge to a wider audience. He uses his OJA platform, among other things, to share the product that has helped shape his sonic development with others.

The DL-103o retains the technical features of the original DL-103r, an element known for its excellent performance since its debut in 1962. The only change is aesthetic: a transparent casing that shows off the handcrafted technology inside, and the OJAS brand including accompanying box.

The recommended retail price for the Denon DL-103o is $550.


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