Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono
Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono
Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono

The new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is the complete audiophile package

The new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is a very special turntable from Pro-Ject Audio Systems , as it is a solution that can rightly be described as a complete package.

A new addition to the Pro-Ject T Line

When Pro-Ject Audio Systems initially introduced the Pro-Ject T Line in 2019, their main objective was to provide a record player that could serve as a valuable alternative to the numerous drives from the Far East in the entry-level market. The company emphasized that there would be no compromise on sound quality and that no plastic would be used in the construction of these products. This concept aligns perfectly with Pro-Ject Audio Systems’ long-standing corporate philosophy of delivering the highest possible quality at an affordable price, allowing a wide range of users to enjoy superior music playback.

The Pro-Ject T1 Turntable, which served as the foundation for the Pro-Ject T Line, was even described as an audiophile-grade drive that is accessible to entry-level consumers and comes pre-equipped with a pickup system.

In this particular market, drives with extensive features are highly sought after, and Pro-Ject Audio Systems has met this demand with models like the Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB Turntable and the Pro-Ject T1 BT Turntable. The Pro-Ject T1 Phono SB turntable not only comes with a pre-installed pickup, but also includes a matching phono preamplifier. Similarly, the Pro-Ject T1 BT turntable features an integrated Bluetooth module.

Another notable addition to the lineup is the Pro-Ject T2 W turntable, which incorporates an integrated WiFi module for streaming. Building upon this foundation, the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono offers an even more exciting experience.

Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono – The particularly elegant drive

The Pro-Ject Super Phono introduces a fresh perspective on turntable design, much like its counterpart, the Pro-Ject T2 W. It aims to provide an elegant solution with its comprehensive features. This drive comes equipped with a built-in pickup system and an integrated phono preamplifier, ensuring a complete setup right out of the box.

Pro-Ject Audio Systems describes the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono as an enhanced version of their Pro-Ject T Line drive. It boasts a new tone arm and a top-notch phono preamplifier, resulting in a more robust and powerful performance. The pickup system is of exceptional quality, further elevating the overall standard of this drive within its price range, as promised by the manufacturer.

High-quality materials

The Pro-Ject T Line models, including the latest Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono, steer clear of plastic components and instead opt for a CNC-milled chassis. This chassis, similar to the one found in the Pro-Ject T2 W turntable, is larger than the Pro-Ject T1 turntable. Unlike many drives from the Far East, there are no wooden spaces inside the case that could cause sound-damaging vibrations. The Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is offered in high-gloss black, satin white, or walnut finishes.

Specially designed feet support the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono, shielding it effectively from vibrations. The glass plate of the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is thicker and heavier, ensuring a resonance-free design. It now measures 10 mm in thickness and weighs 1.7 kg.

A newly developed sub-plate drives the glass plate via a belt, rotating on an ultra-precise main bearing with a hardened steel axis and a brass bushing, according to the manufacturer.

In contrast to many competitors using unregulated DC motors with speed fluctuations, the Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono features a tried-and-tested system from Pro-Ject Audio Systems. This system includes an electronically controlled AC motor with precise speed adjustment, allowing users to switch between 33 and 45 revolutions per minute at the touch of a button.

New tonearm and cartridge from Sumiko Audio

The tonearm that is now used in the new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is a little longer than in previous models, with an effective tonearm length of 9 inches based on a stiff aluminum construction with an integrated headshell.

The tonearm also has new, particularly low-friction tonearm bearings and a newly designed, adjustable, spring-based anti-skating mechanism.

The new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is equipped with a very fine pickup system ex works, namely a Sumiko Rainier MM cartridge with an elliptical cut diamond needle from the Sumiko Oyster Series from the specialist Sumiko Audio .

Two-stage split passive MM phono stage

Another special feature of the new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is its phono preamplifier, which uses a two-stage split-passive MM phono preamplifier, according to Pro-Ject Audio Systems, which is already known from the Pro-Ject T2 W turntable is.

Since there is no integrated WiFi module here, there is more space on the phono PCB, which was used to further improve the design of the circuit. The new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono should definitely stand out from the Pro-Ject T2 W turntable in terms of quality.

It should be noted at this point that the internal phono preamplifier can of course be deactivated if you use an external solution or equip the drive with an MC cartridge system in the future.

Semi-symmetrical phono cable

Once again, Pro-Ject Audio Systems says that the new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono is equipped with a super-shielded, semi-symmetrical phono cable with low capacity.

Prices and availability

The new Pro-Ject T2 Super Phono should soon be available in specialist retailers in either high-gloss black, satin white or walnut.

Price $599

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