Trettitre T-LP8
Trettitre T-LP8
Trettitre T-LP8

Trettitre T-LP8: Vinyl turntable with Bluetooth 5.0

140 years after its invention, the gramophone may seem like a relic to many, but it still dominates the audiophile community with its ability to reproduce music in high definition. This retro gramophone, the Trettitre T-LP8 , intends to bring back the relic with a touch of modern technology, continuing the cherished tradition of quality materials and handcraft and wrapping it all in modern technology and design.

Trettiter T-LP8

Durable, Quality Noise-Cancelling Materials
Beneath its piano-polished finish, the T-LP8 is handcrafted from the hardwood traditionally used in gramophones of the 1900s, with a heavy cast iron plate supported by a solid metal bottom. Weighing 8 kg, this Trettitre gramophone is compact and durable, isolated from all external vibrations that could affect sound quality, which is also cut off by an anti-slip felt mat and silicone-wrapped metal feet.

Ambitious music with audio technology
The T-LP8 gramophone is equipped with an Audio-Technica MM (Moving Magnetic) cartridge, an optional tracking system and a Motor Suspension Structure that synergistically reproduce the tonality of vinyl records. Each T-LP8 also undergoes special adjustments to ensure that tracking force and anti-slip force are consistent and do not require additional adjustment to minimize distortion and extend the life cycle of the cartridge and stylus.

Multiple Connectivity Options
The T-LP8 supports 33 and 45 RPM spin speeds, easily adjustable with a single switch, allowing you to play 12″ or 7″ records as you wish. In addition, the T-LP8 has a built-in speaker and at the same time offers RCA output (using an RCA to 3.5mm cable included), which is suitable for both casual music lovers and audiophiles.


The dustproof T-LP8 smart device

is a Bluetooth player for any environment. You can listen to the record directly or connect it to your stereo or bookshelf speakers, whichever you prefer. Bluetooth 5.0 allows you to connect headphones or earbuds within a range of 10m, which is ideal for home use. The specially designed dustproof design also eliminates the need for cleaning.
Compatible with 12″ and 7″ vinyl records. The support rate for vinyl records can reach 99%. You can easily switch between 33 and 45 rpm with a simple turn of the knob.

Characteristics of Trettitre T-LP8:

  • USB-C input 5V 1A
  • Speeds 33-1/3 RPM, 45 RPM
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Turntable platter Cast iron
  • Motor DC Servomotor
  • Drive method Belt drive
  • Tonearm One-piece carbon tonearm
  • Effective length 219 mm
  • Cartridge Audio-technical MM ATN-3600L
  • Tracking force range 2-2.5g
  • Material Wooden body
  • Size 350x450x115 mm
  • Weight 8 kg