Yamaha GT-5000
Yamaha GT-5000
Yamaha GT-5000

Yamaha GT-5000: Turntable inspired by the golden era of hi-fi

Paying tribute to the legendary turntables of the golden era of Hi-Fi, the Yamaha GT-5000 builds on its rich heritage and develops it in the pursuit of pure sound. This model uses a short and straight tonearm for absolute transparency and purity of sound and balanced signal transmission to ensure zero interference. Its design is based on the traditions of the GT series, and its craftsmanship and quality of construction are second to none. This is a new era of Yamaha Hi-Fi. Sound for the ears and for the soul.

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Inspired by the golden era of hi-fi, the Yamaha GT-5000 amplifier’s design takes cues from Yamaha’s original Gigantic and Tremendous series turntables—a heavy wood cabinet and a massive platter—used to reduce vibration and produce better sound quality.

Accurately capturing the sound from the source is the essential first step in creating authentic, true Hi-Fi sound. Yamaha’s flagship GT-5000 features a short and straight tonearm that is designed to provide excellent stability, as well as mass balance and mechanical properties that optimize record reading. Thanks to the rigid mechanism and simple design, a downforce adjuster is not needed.

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The special belt-driven mechanism found on the Yamaha GT-5000 player minimizes the impact of engine vibrations and eliminates feedback, resulting in clear, smooth sound. The original GT concept used internal mass to counteract the feedback effect. In the GT-5000 model, this concept was further developed – the feedback effect is eliminated by a belt drive.

To further improve stability and sound quality, the Yamaha GT-5000 uses a massive 5kg aluminum platter. The Yamaha GT-5000 uses a 24-pole, two-phase synchronous motor that generates a precise sine wave.

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The Yamaha GT-5000 boasts exceptional stability and rigidity, and this also applies to the legs, which are specially designed for this flagship model. Specially designed feet are powerful but match the luxurious look and materials of the Yamaha GT-5000 to produce high-quality sound.

The luxurious black gloss finish, reminiscent of a Yamaha grand piano cabinet, appropriately emphasizes the flagship status of the Yamaha GT-5000 and is ideally combined with the C-5000 preamp, M-5000 amplifier and flagship NS-5000 speaker system.

Characteristics of Yamaha GT-5000

Drive: Belt drive
Motor drive: Quartz oscillator
Rotation speed change: ±0.1%
Rotation speed adjustment: Built-in crystal oscillator; adjustment step: 0.1%; adjustment range: ±1.5%
Knock: Less than 0.04%
Platen: [External] Machined aluminum (35cm diameter). [Inside] Brass (diameter 14.3 cm).
Rotation speed: 33-1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
Tonearm: Straight tonearm with static balance
Effective tonearm length: 223 mm
Stem: 17 mm
Cartridge weight: 14 g (including screws, nuts and wires)
Outputs: Analog Audio: 2 (balanced XLR x 1, unbalanced RCA x 1); Strobe: 1 (3.5 mm Jack)
Power consumption: 15 W
Dimensions (WxHxD): 546 x 221 x 411 mm
Weight: 26.5 kg
Allowable cartridge weight: 13.5–36 g (including heads) / (25–36 g counterweight)