Panasonic has officially announced the 2024 TV line-up


Panasonic has officially and widely announced the 2024 TV line-up. There are again countless model series, from the absolute high-end OLED TV with Technics soundbar to the entry-level LCD model. New this year includes the Amazon Fire OS TV operating system, which is widely available on the new devices.

Panasonic TVs 2024

As in previous years, there will again be a wide range of devices that should offer the right solution for every need. Naturally, the manufacturer again advertises with numerous buzzwords that must be understood. The focus is of course again on cooperation with the film studios in Hollywood, which rely on the image precision of the televisions.

But they also want to offer more features in the field of sound, which is now directly indicated as 360-degree sound. But in the field of gaming, they also want to offer additional features that have already increased in the range over the past year (ultra-low latency, True Game Mode and Game Control Board). The HCX Pro is the center for the computing power and the AI ​​Processor MK II is central, which is used in top models. Other features also include the Penta tuner, channel sorting and the My App button on the remote for easy access to favorite apps.

Panasonic Z95A and Z93A

The dropships of the 2024 models are the Panasonic Z95A and the Z93A. Both OLEDs were traditionally announced at CES in January and have now finally been presented. Those TVs come with the aforementioned HCX Pro AI Processor MK II. The Z95A also aims to benefit from an improved Master OLED Ultimate Panel module. Also new is support for Dolby Vision IQ with Precision Detail. A Technics sound system once again provides excellent sound. Differences are that the Z95A is offered in 55 and 65 inches, and in 77 inches. So nominally the two Z95 devices are the “better” ones, as they are equipped with MLA 2.0.

Panasonic Z90A

The other new OLED models also include the Z90A, which features Master OLED Pro4 technology and the same HCX Pro AI processor MK II as used in the flagship models. The Z90A comes with integrated Fire TV OS, Game Mode Extreme with a 144 Hz refresh rate and Dynamic Theater Surround Pro with front speakers, so a slightly more powerful sound system. The only thing that the OLED devices with the abbreviation Z have in common is that they are equipped with Alexa voice control for the first time. This makes it easy to start apps, play music, search for songs or operate the smart home with your voice.

Panasonic Z85A and Z80A

The two Z85A and Z80A model series present themselves as a further step back, and instead of 144Hz they can only offer 120Hz refresh rates. The CPU is the HCX Pro AI Processor MK II in the TV, premium TV features and improved audio quality in an easy-to-use design (on the Z85A). The Z80A then received another CPU upgrade in the form of the HCX processor. Both versions also feature the Fire OS operating system. In this context, the manufacturer also mentions the Filmmaker mode, which users can access.

Panasonic MLA panel: technical aspects

The focus of a new generation is always on progress. The Z95A is equipped with the Master OLED Ultimate Panel module, which is linked to the Micro Lens Array (MLA) panel and receives a multi-layer thermal management system. The result is even higher brightness.

Panasonic aims to leverage modern technological developments – including increasing use of AI – for its new product ranges. With AI-enhanced upscaling and noise reduction, the processor powers the 4K Fine Remaster Engine, which ensures that every scene is rendered with the highest precision and naturalness, which is especially beneficial for compressed streaming content. The artificial intelligence also recognizes the type of content and automatically adjusts the image and sound.

Sound tuning by Technics with large soundbar (Z95A/Z93A)

The sound technology is also very strong. The 360 ​​Soundscape Pro audio system with integrated top, side and front-firing array speakers tuned by Technics and Dolby Atmos ensures that you can fully immerse yourself in the program.

The array speaker system delivers precise sound and enables the use of the unique Sound Focus function. These speakers can precisely control the sound and create zones with different volume levels, allowing the user to experience more precise sound quality.

The new premium TVs with Fire TV integrate your favorite streaming and live TV channels, apps and custom recommendations on the homepage, helping you get the programming you want quickly. The new models with Fire TV feature live TV integration, which has been achieved thanks to the implementation of many features of Panasonic’s proven operating system, such as the Penta Tuner for extended broadcast reception.

In addition to satellite, cable and antenna reception, the Penta Tuner supports reception via the Internet (IPTV) and the home network (TV>IP), allowing the televisions to be set up independently of an antenna connection and the programs in any room without an additional TV connection can be received. The HbbTV Operator app provides access to live and on-demand content without the need for hardware or smart cards. USB recording enables easy playback, and automatic tuner detection and advanced channel editor make installation simple.

New operating system: Fire OS

In the past, the focus was always on the My Home Screen software as the central link. What’s new this year is the fact that Fire OS will be used across the board, including the top devices. Last year, the first model series was introduced in a very measured manner, now the full model range will follow. Panasonic expects to realize an even broader network and presentation of content, which should provide added value for the end customer.

Gaming features

Current OLED devices offer 120 Hz or 144 Hz. The 2024 versions also support NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync Premium. The newly improved Game Mode Extreme aims to further improve image and sound quality. “True Game” brings all the color accuracy features available for movies to the world of games. This gives players a realistic representation and allows them to experience the game as the developer intended. Not to mention, it emits less blue light to protect your eyes during extended gaming.

The new Game Control Board – a game-specific settings menu that appears on-screen and allows for simpler and more intuitive game settings that can be changed during gameplay – also features expanded sound modes. This allows the player to switch between RPG (Role-Playing Games) and FPS (First-Person Shooter) sound modes.

RPG mode creates a 3D soundscape with clear dialogue, while FPS mode is tuned to emphasize important sounds such as footsteps. The 2024 OLED TVs also feature a 60Hz Refresh mode, which should dramatically reduce latency when playing 60Hz sources.


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