PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up: All the PlayStation stats in one place

The time has come for the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022. Finally,  the website dedicated to PlayStation users who do not lose sight of their most important statistics in different lines is now available . 

Oddly enough, there are many video game lovers who are aware of many details inherent to them. This includes the total hours played, the platform they spent the most time on, and of course the number of trophies earned. 

PlayStation Wrap-Up, comes as every year in an elegant presentation that can be shared with friends. Apparently, the 2022 version is very similar to last year’s. Likewise, it is observed that a strategy similar to that of Spotify and Apple Music is being used. 

PlayStation 2022 Wrap-Up , available for a limited time 

In this case we are referring to an interactive guide that groups all the relevant numbers with the Sony platform in one place. This strategy allows data to easily view data that would be impossible to get anywhere else, not even on the PS5 or PS4 consoles. 

Those interested in seeing their summary of the year on PS5 (or PS4), must enter the  PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 website from any browser. There they enter their PlayStation Network credentials and thus they will be able to access various sections that show their most important data. . 

PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022, available for a limited time

After the user takes the tour, PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 will show a card that groups all the most important content and numbers, both from PS5 and PS4 , in one place. Some of them are hours of play, trophy, most played games, among others. 

In addition to the statistics, the specific data of the most popular games in the PlayStation exclusives catalog can be seen in each section. These include Horizon and God of War, aggregated by data from the entire community, regardless of whether you’ve played those titles. 

From now on, the PlayStation Wrap-Up 2022 site is already available , although it will continue to keep the statistics until the end of the year. Users should keep in mind that the option will be available until January 13, 2023 . On this date those interested will obtain the final summary of the whole year .