PMC Prodigy 1 and 5
PMC Prodigy 1 and 5
PMC Prodigy 1 and 5

PMC unveils Prodigy 1 and 5 with ATL bass system and Laminair bass reflexes

PMC showed at High End Munich 2023 a pair of Prodigy acoustic models: Prodigy 1 bookshelf speakers and Prodigy 5 floorstanding speakers. These are two-way speakers using the same set of speakers in bass-reflex cases of different sizes. They, according to the manufacturer, contain more than 30 years of PMC know-how in the field of high-quality audio.

New items largely inherit the technology of flagship studio monitors PMC QB1. Oliver Thomas, Commercial Director and Head of Engineering at PMC, sees the use of these new models as an opportunity to “create a studio at home.”

Both new speakers are equipped with a 27mm tweeter, inspired by the tweeters of PMC result6 studio monitors. The 130mm woofer is taken from PMC ci speakers and is powered by a Laminair bass reflex system that reduces aerodynamic drag for more accurate bass and extended dynamic range. In addition, the speaker cabinets are equipped with the Advanced Transmission Line (ATL) system. It is designed to produce deeper, tighter and more powerful bass than most cabinets of similar size.

And although both new items are quite affordable, they go through the same firm quality control, which includes a mandatory audition in comparison with reference samples. The result of the check is certified by the personal signature of an employee of the company. The speakers will be available mid-summer in a matte black finish with optional black cloth grills.

In the UK, PMC Prodigy1 bookshelves will cost £1,250 and Prodigy5 floorstanders £2,000 per pair. Grills will cost an additional £100.

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