Radiotehnika unveils Alfa series speakers

The revived audio brand Radiotehnika presented Alfa series acoustics. According to the manufacturer, it is addressed to those “who are looking for a large-scale sound, not wanting to spend a serious budget.” The series includes Alfa 1.01 2-way shelf speakers, Alfa 1.02 3-way floorstanding speakers, Alfa 1.03 center channel and Alfa 1.04 active subwoofer.

The woofers and mid-range speakers of the Alfa speakers received Polyglass diffusers – this is a combination of a cellulose base and microparticles of molten glass deposited on it. Retaining the properties of a classic cellulose diffuser, it was possible to obtain a “glassy” rigidity without brittleness. In terms of stiffness index, this sandwich exceeds polypropylene common in such structures by ten times, overtaking even single-layer Kevlar.

Mica-reinforced polypropylene is used in the Alfa 1.04 active subwoofer cone with 200/400W continuous/peak power. As for the tweeter, the Alfa speakers have a classic version with a soft fabric dome that fulfills the upper frequency limit of 20 kHz. The novelties are assembled in compact MDF cases with a well-thought-out system of internal stiffening elements. Finishing – black surface with the texture of ash wood.

The acoustics of the Radiotehnika Alfa 1.03 center channel costs $140, a pair of Alfa 1.01 shelf speakers costs $200, a pair of Alfa 1.02 floorstanding speakers, as well as an active Radiotehnika Alfa 1.04 subwoofer, cost $47o each.