Sonos Ray

Sonos Ray: Compact and budget friendly Soundbar

Last month, we wrote about the possible imminent release of a new budget soundbar from the well-known American manufacturer  Sonos . And now, the information has been confirmed.


The $ 279 Sonos Ray hits the market in June. This compact device, despite its size, will impress buyers with its power and quality, the manufacturer claims. So, the  Ray  design is made in such a way that multidirectional acoustic waves create for the viewer the effect of being inside the scene. And with the help of special reflectors, the device creates deep low frequencies. At the same time,  Ray  uses computer sound processing algorithms to ensure the overall balance and fidelity of the audio track.

The soundbar includes 4 amplified mid-range drivers, 2 tweeters for high frequencies and 2 woofers. You can control the device using the TV remote control or the  Sonos mobile app , which includes an equalizer for fine-tuning. To connect to a TV, an optical connector with a cable is included. Wi-Fi  and  AirPlay 2 technologies are offered for wireless connections  . The  LED  indicator on the device reflects its current status.


Sonos Ray  will be available in two colors – white and black.


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