Descend DN12 / DN8: Definitive Technology Introduces New Series Active Subwoofers

Definitive Technology , one of the leading companies in the high-quality audio and speaker systems for home theater market, has announced the Descend Series active subwoofers . For the European market, the new subwoofer range consists of two models capable of delivering more impressive, dynamic and deeper bass than competitors of the same size.

The Descend series is designed with state-of-the-art technology and will make your chairs tremble and your heart beat. It introduces the new 3XR architecture , which implements a circuit with two symmetrically positioned passive radiators loaded onto one active driver. Thanks to this solution, the effective cone area is three times larger than that of similar models with a bass reflex, thanks to which you get deeper bass and higher sound pressure in a smaller form factor. And since this spectacular design is housed in a closed enclosure, the Descend Series subwoofersdo not produce the noise and distortion typical of models with a bass reflex. Each model features individually designed high-power amplification to deliver uncompromising low bass performance compared to similarly sized subwoofers.


Both models are easy to integrate into any décor thanks to their elegant finishes: Midnight Black ( DN8 and DN12 ) or Glacier White ( DN8 only ).


Definitive Technology Descend DN12

The Descend DN12 by Definitive Technology is a high performance 12 ” subwoofer designed for reference music systems or home theater applications. It features a specially designed 1,500 W Class H amplifier that can handle transient peaks as well as the lowest frequencies down to 25 Hertz with ease. The DN12 uses patented Intelligent Phase Control  technology to provide 0-360 ° phase adjustment.


To better correct phase response, most subwoofers offer either fixed phase polarity reversal or a universal phase filter that can cause blurring. Intelligent Phase Controlon the other hand, allows listeners to more accurately tune the phase characteristics of the subwoofer by combining the best elements of a high-precision polarity control along with a phase filter, automatically aligning the phase setting with a low-pass filter for the most accurate tuning of the entire audio system.

To ensure stable performance, the DN12 uses an advanced 56-bit Digital Signal Processor ( DSP ) that controls speaker performance to prevent potentially harmful distortion at high volumes. In addition, DN12has three built-in EQ modes (Flat, Deep and Loud) perfect for any room or personal listening preference. “Flat Mode” is a great starting point for system setup – a one-stop solution for many situations.


Loud mode is great for action movies and cinematic sound effects, while Deep mode offers effective reproduction of the lowest frequencies and is great for playing music with a wide dynamic range. manage DN12easy and convenient. It comes with an elegant remote control and a built-in LED display on the front panel that allows users to adjust volume, phase and EQ settings. For maximum integration with popular control systems, this model has an infrared port and a 12V trigger.

Definitive Technology Descend DN8

The Descend DN8 from Definitive Technology is a compact 8-inch subwoofer that delivers outstanding bass reproduction for its size. Constructed like the older DN12 model , based on the 3XR architecture  with two 8-inch passive radiators loaded onto an 8-inch active speaker, the DN8 is equipped with a 500-watt class D amplifier.


Rear-panel controls allow volume adjustments and settings to be changed. low pass filter and switch the phase (0/180 °). Definitive Technology Descend Series Subwoofers Will Be Available For Sale From Definitive Authorized RetailersTechnology since August.

More info: Definitive Technology


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