Elac S 503: 3-way bookshelf speakers and Center channel system

Elac will soon add at least two models to its premium Concentro range: the S 503 and the Center. The S 503 will be the “shelf” continuation of the S 507 and S 509 floor stands , using their technological know-how in a compact size.


At the same time, the S 503 will remain in the three-band class thanks to the coaxial design of the proprietary mid-high frequency driver. A JET V ribbon tweeter is installed in the center of the midrange with an aluminum sandwich cone. They are complemented by the classic Elac woofer with segmented cone.

The Elac S 503 features a rear-firing bass reflex, and the front panel has a slight Concentro-style bevel to improve phase consistency. Bi-wiring and bi-amping options are available for the S 503 3-lane architecture.

Another speaker – the Concentro Center model – will allow you to create high-end home theater sets based on the series. This is a center channel speaker equipped with the same coaxial mid-high frequency driver with a JET V corrugated tweeter.

With a bezel size of 220 x 892 mm, the center channel is said to fit comfortably under the TV. Both new Elac Concentro items can also be installed on branded racks.


The speakers of the Concentro series will appear at the end of winter. Prices will also be announced at a later date.


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