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HECO Elementa 300: High-quality, durable bookshelf speakers

The Elementa series from Heco (whose name comes from the Latin “Elementum” – “component” and “base”) focuses on the fundamentals necessary for the production...

HECO Elementa 300
HECO Elementa 300

The Elementa series from Heco (whose name comes from the Latin “Elementum” – “component” and “base”) focuses on the fundamentals necessary for the production of a high-quality product and its components, namely in audio technology: the best materials, innovative technologies in development and production speakers, high-quality and durable housings, elegant appearance, without an emphasis on current fashion, and of course the tradition and experience accumulated by HECO since 1949.

The drivers used in all Elementa Series speakers are designed for maximum tonal and timbral identity to provide a uniform and balanced sound field.

Long-fiber paper used in midwoofers provides excellent impulse characteristics, high sound pressure with minimal distortion. The minimum mass of the moving system allows you to accurately reproduce the music signal supplied to the speaker. The use of paper with good damping for the manufacture of diffusers contributes to a very smooth frequency response without sharp steps and, accordingly, high timbral accuracy with minimal coloration.


Tweeters with a lightweight silk dome, which has the highest damping, like paper cones in the midrange/woofers, have minimal tonal color and a very clear, detailed and airy sound. Cooling the voice coil with ferromagnetic fluid allows it to withstand increased power. The horn design of the tweeter helps to expand the polar pattern and increase efficiency.

The developers of HECO Elementa also took a thorough approach to the design of the new series. All systems have durable MDF housings, reinforced internally with spacers. The design of Elementa does not have any bright and flashy nuances to match one-day fashion, on the contrary, their appearance corresponds to an elegant classic style. Expensive matte silk lacquer finish and smoothed shapes, no grill fasteners on the front panels thanks to the use of magnetic fastening, screw mounting of FI ports with optimized air flow – all this to achieve a harmonious and sophisticated appearance of HECO Elementa.

The system factor in the case of the HECO Elementa 300 is decisive when we talk about the quality of transmission in the mid and upper range. In a simpler path, this acoustics, for example, shows a slight emphasis in the region of 800 – 1000 Hz. In the higher spectrum, some kind of excess “creakiness” creeps in. The acoustics can also be blamed for the lack of the highest air components, which makes it difficult to perceive the sound space as a clearly defined volume around you. The stereo image itself is amazing, if we talk about the images that make it up, but the imaginary images placed in the depths or on the flanks of the scene seem to be suspended in a vacuum. Hardware tint also adds “synthetics” to the reproduction, the roots of which, however, should be sought not in acoustics, but in components.

A completely different listening experience remains in a system with an audiophile stereo amplifier and a Hi-Res source. Already at low volumes, a clear, but at the same time “atmospheric” sound space is built. There is no longer uncertainty in the background, although it does not captivate with particular depth. And when you start listening to something orchestral, the intensity of emotions reaches its highest point. The solo instrument and the foreground are in full view. The entire string group is very realistic – there is a clear pluck and “wood”, “rosin” and all the non-musical background components. Even though the “copper” still suffers from slight aggression, it is no longer annoying to the ear – the overall increase in information content and sound plasticity immediately covers all the minor shortcomings.

This is the best evidence that HECO Elementa 300 in their price niche have a really high sound resolution, expressed not so much through microdynamics (especially at high frequencies, where detail, frankly, is not very good), but through the naturalness and fullness of timbres. On the other hand, the new Heco bookshelf units may be too harsh judges both for components of insufficiently high quality and for connecting cables.

Characteristics of HECO Elementa 300

Configuration: 2 emitters, 2 bands
Acoustic design: bass reflex
Frequency range: 32 – 45,000 Hz
Sensitivity: 90 dB (1 W/1 m)
Impedance: 4 – 8 Ohm
Crossover frequencies: 3200 Hz
Recommended amplifier power : 30 – 150 W
Finish: matte black, silky white
Dimensions with supports: 226 x 368 x 325 mm
Weight: 7.5 kg