Ikea Vappeby

Ikea Vappeby: Portable all-weather speaker

Information about the Ikea Vappeby portable speaker lamp appeared on the Web. The leak occurred after the device was submitted to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for verification.

Vappeby Speaker



The Vappeby model should receive a water and dirt resistant mushroom housing (IP65), a built-in 20 lumen lamp and, most interestingly, a special Spotify Tap button that will allow you to quickly start music. In this case, the button will function in two modes: “continue listening” or “play the recommended playlist”.

Among other things, it is already known that a Bluetooth speaker can work up to 13 hours on a single charge at medium volume and medium lamp brightness.

It is not yet known when exactly the all-weather Vappeby will appear on the market, but experts believed that this will happen soon, since the verification by the FCC involves the final stage of preparing the product for the consumer.


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