KEF Ci160ES: Proprietary Uni-Q radiator and protection from the external environment

The built-in speakers KEF Ci160ES series “E” are positioned by the company as a product that fully complies with all KEF standards and technologies, including the proprietary Uni-Q driver.

The manufacturer emphasized that the woofer and tweeter combined in the Uni-Q will provide KEF’s signature “spot” sound almost anywhere in the room. However, the embedded Ci160ES format should not affect the quality in any way. The Uni-Q module used a 160 mm woofer and a 16 mm aluminum dome tweeter. The recommended wattage ranged from 10 to 100 watts.


One of the features of the “E” series is the Ultra-Thin Bezel (UTB) frame, which the company has tried to make as invisible as possible. Both the frame and the magnetic grill can be painted to match the interior. Column installation depth – 85.2 mm.

The developers also paid attention to the protection (IP64 certificate): the Ci160ES model is equipped with waterproof terminals and plastic elements that are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation. According to representatives of KEF, the column is suitable for rooms with high humidity.

The KEF Ci160ES is due to appear on the European market in October at an estimated price of 160 euros per speaker.


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