LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup
LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup
LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup

LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup: SPQ8, S60Q, S65Q, S80QY, S90QY, 95QR

In the very beginning of 2022, LG announced its new soundbars, which were designed with the basic needs of consumers in mind. The focus was on clarity of dialogue, improved sound effect from wireless surround speakers, and deep bass.

With this in mind, LG has been aiming to improve the performance of soundbars in 2022. In this article, we will tell you what new technologies from LG have been added to speakers, as well as list the names of the new LG 2022 soundbars and their main characteristics.

LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup: SPQ8, S60Q, S65Q, S80QY, S90QY, 95QR
LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup: SPQ8, S60Q, S65Q, S80QY, S90QY, 95QR

LG Soundbars 2022

LG has increased the size of the speakers in its soundbars and redesigned the soundbar enclosures. The company also aimed to improve connectivity by upgrading circuitry with wireless rear speaker kits. This was done in order to ensure very stable and consistent performance.

Center channel with high-altitude signal

To improve the clarity of dialogue, select LG soundbar models have been fitted with uplink center channel speakers for improved horizontal sound. This speaker, which is slightly tilted forward, serves to improve not only the volume but also the pitch of the emitted sound.

As a result, voices will be clear and distinct from surrounding background effects. It’s worth noting right off the bat that this is not an active speaker that is part of Dolby Atmos or DTS: X 360-degree immersive surround sound . Rather, it is a separate center channel speaker designed to isolate and clarify dialogues.

Rear speaker modernization

In its flagship soundbar model, LG has also sought to improve the rear speakers to 6-channel rear. To do this, the manufacturer added a second speaker in the horizontal plane to create a wider sound field anywhere in the room. This should provide a more consistent sound for the left and right channels.

Meridian Technology

On the music side, LG continues to work with Meridian Technology to convert 2-channel music to 5.1-channel audio. Most of LG’s newer soundbars support Hi-Rez Audio with at least 24-bit / 192kHz sound.

LG continues to push for soundbars with built-in sound processing that is supported in TVs. This means that the sound processed by the TV, such as Dolby Atmos and other sound shaping functions, will be sent to the soundbar to optimize the output.

Interactive support is provided using the same TV Magic Remote and using Bluetooth for some elements of wireless installations.


Wireless audio sync will not work with Dolby Atmos over Bluetooth. However, LG introduced a new accessory in 2022 called FileCast. It is a tiny box about the size of a deck of playing cards.

It is usually located behind the TV and is intended to be connected to the eARC / HDMI port for wireless lossless Dolby Atmos signal transmission to the soundbar . In 2022, many LG soundbars will support 4K, HDR and more.

AI Auto Room Sound Calibration

LG has also updated AI Auto Room Sound Calibration for 2022 with an even more precise process that better matches the lower frequency range for an overall better display of audio output.

LG 2022 Soundbar Lineup


LG SPQ8 Soundbar is a 2-channel soundbar compatible with rear speaker sets including S80QY and S90QY and 140W output power.


Soundbar LG S60Q – 2.1-channel soundbar with a total output of 300W with support for virtual surround sound Dolby Atmos and wireless subwoofer.


Soundbar LG S65Q – 3.1ch 380W soundbar optimized for Meridian Technology. This unit supports the DTS Virtual X surround sound enhancement function.


Soundbar LG S80QY – Soundbar with Atmos / DTS: X total output of 470W. Sound scheme 3.1.3 channels with Meridian technology and center channel speaker.


Soundbar LG S90QY – 5.1.3-channel soundbar with a total power of 580W, supporting Dolby Atmos, DTS: X, with Meridian technology and a center channel speaker.


LG 95QR Soundbar – 9.1.5-channel soundbar with a total output of 810W with cinematic surround sound. It includes an active center speaker, 6-channel rear speakers, Meridian Technology setup, Dolby Atmos support, DTS: X, IMAX Enhanced content, AI Room Calibration. The device has 2 HDMI inputs (including 1 with eARC) and support for VRR and ALLM. The soundbar is compatible with Google Assistant / Alexa / AirPlay 2 and Spotify Hi-Fi.


The highlight of the wireless speakers in LG’s 2022 soundbar range is the recently introduced XBOOM 360 speaker, which emits 360-degree omnidirectional sound without the distortion or blind spots that occur when using multiple speakers. This will optimize sound for listening from anywhere in the room, LG says.

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