LG ON88/ON66/OL45: XBOOM perfect for a party of any scale

LG Electronics has expanded a series of high-power audio system XBOOM new models: ON88 , ON66 and OL45 . New items will go on sale this month. All three models are perfect for a party of any scale, and thanks to their portability, you can turn on music anytime anywhere, sing karaoke, enjoy listening to the radio in a country house or in the country. With the ON88 and ON66, you can try your hand at DJing with DJ effects.

New LG XBOOM Sound Systems - DJ Feel

Hi-Fi speaker LG XBOOM ON88

The flagship model of LG XBOOM ON88 rock the party in full force. Get the most out of your music with powerful speakers and built-in Dolby Audio technologies . With playback capabilities and sound settings, as well as DJ functions, you can feel like a real DJ and master of the dance floor. This is a three-channel audio system, in which you can create a combined playlist of tracks from several external devices connected via Bluetooth . DJ effects can be applied to any recording, including DJ Loop, DJ PAD, DJ scratcher, Sampler Creator, and Auto DJ… You can also remove a voice from any song to sing it in karaoke. To customize the playback to suit the individual characteristics of the singer, you can change the key (make it higher or lower) using the Key Changer option . The karaoke capabilities also include an echo mode and a range of vocal effects.

In addition to optical audio input, microphone port, Bluetooth 4.0 connection , USB port and CD drive, the LG ON88 audio system is equipped with a guitar input as well as an FM radio. The equalizer of the system will help you choose the optimal settings for listening to music of various styles, including pop, rock, jazz, classical, Bass Blast. There is also a “Football” mode and the ability to connect to a TV. Additional EQ presets optimize the sound for Dangduot, Arabic, Afro Hip-Hop, Indian, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Samba, Forro, Funk, Sertanejo.

If you connect ON88 to a TV, then it can be controlled by the TV remote control, for example, to adjust the volume. Sound synchronization can be done both via cable and via Bluetooth through the proprietary application for the LG TV smartphone .

LG ON66 gets all the advantages of the flagship model, with the only difference that it is a two-channel audio system. This is a multifunctional music center that will provide maximum sound quality in any circumstances, whether it is watching sports with friends, an open air dance party in the country, karaoke with a family, or a home fitness workout. Lots of EQ settings, connectivity options, DJ and karaoke effects will leave no one indifferent.

The younger model LG OL45 is easier to move and have a party anywhere, be it at home, in the country, at a picnic in the park or out of town, thanks to the smaller case size and weight. The LG OL45 audio system can be controlled using a smartphone application, can be connected to a TV, and you can also play tracks from multiple smartphones connected via Bluetooth at the same time .

Karaoke features include microphone volume control, echo, voice canceller, key changer, voice effects. Equalizer contains settings for better listening to styles of Dangduot, Rock, Jazz, Pop, Classical, Arabic, Afro, Hip-Hop, Indian, Reggaeton, Merengue, Salsa, Samba, Ax, Foho, Funk, Portuguese.