LG Unveils New Dolby Atmos Soundbars

LG S90QY / S80QY / S75Q: New Dolby Atmos Soundbars unveiled

In addition to the flagship  S95QR,  LG  introduced three more affordable models –  S90QY ,  S80QY  and  S75Q . All of them support Dolby Atmos  and  DTS:X surround formats , and the first two additionally support IMAX Enhanced , which is new for devices from this manufacturer.

A distinctive feature of the new soundbars, as well as in the case of the flagship, is the introduction of a central height channel. This solution, used for the first time in the world, is designed to improve the surround sound effect.


The S90QY ,  S80QY  , and  S75Q  offer 5.1.3 , 3.1.3 , and 3.1.2 channel configurations and power outputs of 570W , 480W , and 380W , respectively.

New items have the same layout “soundbar + subwoofer”. In addition,  S90QY  and  S80QY  can optionally be equipped with rear speakers for an additional fee.

All three devices support  HDMI 2.1 ,  eARC ,  VRR  and  ALLM technologies , however, they are not capable of passing a 4K / 120Hz signal from game consoles to a TV. This means that PlayStation 5 owners will have to connect it directly to their TV and use the TV’s free eARC socket (if available) for the soundbar for best results.

Other new features include room acoustic calibration, support for Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant voice assistants , improved integration with compatible  LG  TVs through  AI Sound Pro technology .


And if you want the new soundbars to receive high-definition (lossless) audio up to 7.1.4 wirelessly, then  LG  offers to purchase  a Wowcast WTP3 transmitter for this purpose for a fee.

The prices recommended by the manufacturer for Europe are (in brackets – conversion in dollars at the exchange rate of the Central Bank):

S90QY  – 1200 Euro.
S80QY  – 900 Euro.
S75Q  – 550 Euro.


In addition, the official price of the flagship  S95QR  has become known – 1800 Euros. The start of global sales of new products is scheduled for May.


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