LG XBoom 360 RP4 - stylish wireless speaker
LG XBoom 360 RP4 - stylish wireless speaker

LG XBoom 360 RP4: New stylish wireless speaker

LG has unveiled the stylish XBoom 360 RP4 wireless speaker . The speaker provides an authentic all-round sound, so it is suitable for any occasion.

According to the developers, the structure of the speaker ensures accurate reproduction of music without distortion. Reflector in the high and low ranges minimizes distortion during 360-degree playback.


The titanium tweeter diaphragm contributes to accurate and high-quality reproduction in the high-frequency range. Durable fiberglass woofer reproduces dynamic bass. The combination of powerful drivers and reliable 120W power output allows the LG XBOOM 360 to transform any room or space into a place made for listening to music.

The speaker has three modes of operation: ambient mode, nature mode and party mode. You can adjust the sound and lighting effects in a proprietary mobile application.