Pearl Cabasse software update released

The renowned speaker manufacturer, French company Cabasse , has released a software update for The Pearl series of wireless audio systems , which includes two models: The Pearl and The Pearl Akoya . The main innovation of the firmware is the new Gen2 sound profiles , which can be controlled through the proprietary Cabasse StreamCONTROL application .

The Pearl Cabasse Series Audio Updates

The developers explained that the new audio processing algorithms improved the bass response of both models – to achieve more concentrated and dynamic bass, as well as optimize the real-time performance of the system for adapting the sound to the acoustic characteristics of the listening room. This also applies to automatic gain control to protect speakers and listeners from overload.

Cabasse engineers emphasize that digital technologies of the company and the application for mobile gadgets StreamCONTROL allow you to regularly update the software of audio systems, improving their sound and expanding functionality.

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