PS Audio Aspen FR20PS Audio Aspen FR20
PS Audio Aspen FR20

PS Audio Aspen FR20: Planar Floorstanding Speakers

PS Audio unveiled the junior speaker model in the Aspen – FR20 series . According to the manufacturer, the speaker is distinguished by an exceptionally linear phase-frequency characteristic, a body that does not add color to the sound, as well as the most even impedance.

ImageAcoustics has a three-way design, two passive radiators with a diameter of 10 inches on the side panels are used as acoustic design. High frequencies are entrusted to a 2.5-inch planar driver with a Teonex diaphragm , in the middle another planar driver with a diaphragm of the same material, but already 10 inches in size, works .


ImageBass from 28 Hz is handled by two speakers with molded baskets and 8-inch carbon cones with a Rohacell middle layer . Crossover filter – Linkwitz-Riley of the fourth order, included in the work at 400 Hz and 2500 Hz . Nominal impedance is 4 ohms , with a minimum of 3.5 ohms. The sensitivity of the system is 87 dB , the recommended amplifier power is from 50 to 300 watts . The weight of each speaker is 60.3 kg.

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