PS Audio Aspen FR30 floorstanders
PS Audio Aspen FR30 floorstanders
PS Audio Aspen FR30 floorstanders

PS Audio Aspen FR30 Floorstanders: Five decades of development

The design goal of the PS Audio Aspen FR30 floorstanders is to create a full-range system with exceptionally low distortion.

Floor standing Aspen FR30C is the first speaker system in the portfolio of the American company PS Audio Aspen FR30. This high-end hi-fi manufacturer enters a highly competitive market with the result of 50 years of experience in developing outstanding hi-fi systems.

In the novelty, PS Audio used their own woofers, mid-range speakers and a tweeter. In addition, they designed a crossover optimized for phase correction, and designed it in such a way that, in combination with the PS Audio Aspen FR30 drivers, it has an almost flat impedance curve to drive the system with any power amplifier. The cabinet has been carefully designed to ensure that the sound will not be distorted.

PS Audio Aspen FR30 is a three-way system. Bass is driven by four 8″ aluminum cone woofers and four 10″ passive woofers. One of them is located directly in the partition in front, the rest are in pairs on the sides. A 10-inch ribbon midrange is complemented by two (!) 2.5-inch flat ribbon tweeters.

The two cabinets—the woofer cabinet and the tweeter cabinet and the midrange speaker cabinet—are connected by a sliding mechanism. The crossover is based solely on the tightest tolerance components, which, according to PS Audio, were specifically designed for this speaker system. According to the manufacturer, foil capacitors and air coils are used.

The body is made of MDF, but the baffle is made of special fiberglass reinforced plastic. The PS Audio Aspen FR30 is available in Pearl White or Sable Black, with the black version also featuring a black anodized base and black textile grille with magnets.

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