PS Audio Aspen FR30PS Audio Aspen FR30
PS Audio Aspen FR30

PS Audio Aspen FR30: Reference floor speakers with eight woofers

PS Audio has announced a full-size three-way floor tower called the Aspen FR30. According to PS Audio, these speakers are the culmination of 50 years of technological developments in the company. The requirements for the components of such a speaker turned out to be high, so all the key parts of the Aspen FR30 were also created by PS Audio.

First of all, this concerns drivers. At low frequencies, there are four 8-inch long-throw woofers with aluminum cones. This four also drives four 10-inch passive radiators. The speakers are directed towards the listener, and the passive radiators are located in pairs on the sides.


This concludes the list of round diffusers in the Aspen FR30 equipment. A 10-inch planar radiator is responsible for the midrange, under which there are two 2.5-inch flat ribbon tweeters with Teonex membrane membranes. With a height of just over one and a half meters, one speaker weighs more than a centner.


For those installing the Aspen FR30, it will be gratifying to know that the housings of the mid-high and low-frequency drivers are separate and connected by a slider mechanism.



With a reproducible range from 28 Hz to 20 kHz, which is divided by the crossover at frequencies of 400 Hz and 2.5 kHz, the new product shows an impedance of 4 ohms. An amplifier with a power of 100 W should be enough, but, judging by the passport data, it is better if it is 600 W.

The bulk of the acoustics is due to massive MDF walls – and not only. The bezel is made of fiberglass plastic composite. According to PS Audio, it is comparable in rigidity to aluminum, but allows for more complex geometry.

Everything is quite interesting here – each speaker stands on a quite graceful thin “leg”. In turn, it rests on a completely familiar massive base with supports that carry spikes with metal spacers behind the cabinet projection.


Aspen FR30 color options: Pearl White or Sable Black. Both will be available by Spring 2022.

As for the price, the US will ask for $ 28,500 for a pair of Aspen FR30s.


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