PSB Synchrony T600 and B600: Speakers with a Scientific Approach

The Canadian company PSB Speakers has introduced new acoustic models in the Synchrony series – T600 and B600 . In the name of the models, the first letter codes the type of speakers – floor ( T – Tower ) and bookshelf ( B – Bookshelf ).

New products based on technologies that have been developed in conjunction with the National Research Center of Canada (Canadian National Research Center, NRC) , which, according to the PSB the Speakers , helped design the speaker“the most natural sound” . By the way, this is not the first experience of cooperation between PSB Speakers and NRC in the field of speaker design.

Floor standing speakers PSB Synchrony T600

PSB Synchrony T600 are three- way floorstanding speakers. The internal volume of the body is divided here into four chambers.

For reliable vibration isolation, the housing rests on an IsoAcoustics GAIA II base . The high frequency range is served by an inch tweeter with a ferrofluid cooling and a neodymium magnet system. The midrange is handled by a driver with a 5.25-inch carbon fiber cone and a die-cast aluminum basket. The low-frequency spectrum is entrusted to three 6.5-inch woofers with carbon cones.

Floor standing speakers PSB Synchrony T600

Separation of areas of responsibility is implemented in PSB Synchrony T600 using the fourth order Linkwitz-Riley filter . The casings are made of MDF with the use of aluminum parts to increase the rigidity of the structure.

Each bass driver operates in a separate volume with its own bass reflex port, brought out to the rear wall of the case. The fourth chamber contains a tweeter and a mid-frequency radiator.

The shelf model PSB Synchrony B600 is made in a two-lane architecture. The one-inch titanium dome tweeter is complemented by a 6.5-inch carbon fiber cone speaker with bass-reflex design.

The bass reflex port, like that of the floor-standing model, is brought out back, which imposes some restrictions on the installation of speakers near walls. Like the floor- standing model, the B600 stands on an anti -vibration base from IsoAcoustics . The manufacturer notes the versatility of the speakers – they will equally organically fit into both a classic stereo system and the surround sound system of a home cinema.

Floor standing speakers PSB Synchrony T600

New items are offered in piano lacquer or natural veneer . In the US, sales of the PSB Synchrony T600 and B600 loudspeakers are slated for June . A pair of floor-standing speakers can be purchased for $ 8,000 , while bookshelf speakers will cost $ 2,500 .

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