Rega Kyte: Compact With Phenolic Resin Cases And Ceramic Inner Pads

Rega has released Rega Kyte shelves. These columns received housings created by injection molding technology from rigid thermosetting phenolic resin. Thanks to this, it was possible to get away from the angular rectangular shape, and the rear bass reflex pipe was molded together with the body.

As the cabinet shrinks towards the rear, a special rear support must be screwed to the speakers for installation on a plane at the correct angle. To increase the inertia and rigidity, the walls of the Rega Kyte cabinet are reinforced from the inside with ceramic plates with spacers going to the center of each of them.


The handcrafted MX-125 woofer is complemented by a ZRR tweeter and a crossover, also made by Rega. 6-ohm shelves weighing less than 4 kg showed a sensitivity of 89 dB.

The approximate recommended maximum amplifier power is limited to 80 watts. The speakers are completely made in the UK and come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects.

In the UK, the Rega Kyte is already available for £ 500.


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