Sonos Move 2Sonos Move 2
Sonos Move 2

Sonos Move 2 arrives with many new innovations

The Sonos Move 2 comes to represent the latest from Sonos, a new generation of speakers that arrive making a lot of noise thanks to its new features. Apparently, innovation is the word that best defines these debut devices that have better sound and a “more sustainable” design.

To describe the debut Sonos Move 2 we must highlight “the novelty” in a Sonos portable speaker, we mean that it includes stereo spatial audio . To this we must add that the battery guarantees a full 24 hours of life, without leaving aside the gain in water resistance of the new design.


Apparently, the Sonos Move 2 comes to guarantee fun at any party or meeting thanks to the quality of this new portable speaker, with which the brand intends to maintain the dominance it has had since 2019 in this category.

The benefits of this new generation of speakers are visible and also noticeable to the ear. For example, it has renewed its acoustic architecture through double tweeters with stereo spatial audio . This provides a much clearer sound that, combined with a woofer that reproduces deep and dynamic bass, achieves an immersive experience even in outdoor spaces.

The Sonos Move 2 is not going to make users wait long

The Sonos Move 2 also allows users to customize the sound, which is achieved thanks to the simultaneous use of Bluetooth or Wifi in a dual speaker system . In addition to the durability of the battery, which has been improved to double it, the device is also capable of charging phones or other devices from its USB-C port .


As if that were not enough, Move 2 is designed to reduce energy consumption at rest, which reaches up to 40%. There are more surprises in this section, since it has been equipped with a removable and interchangeable battery that “prolongs the useful life of the speaker.”

Finally, this new design has IP56 certification , which makes it resistant even to falls and other accidents, and also qualifies it to face inclement weather and water.

Availability and price

The Sonos Move 2 will be available in various colors, the traditional black and white and now an olive color that makes it look more aesthetic. Starting on September 20, the new Sonos bet is scheduled to arrive at a price set at 499 euros.


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