Sonos Symfonisk by IKEA: Surround sound floor lamp

Another speaker planned for January is another Ikea Symfonisk audio device in the form of a floor lamp, which will be sold in Ikea stores and online. The name Sonos in the name of the product, however, as in the entire Symfonisk series , does not sound, but the presence of the company is not hidden.

The speaker supports all the main functions of Sonos products, such as a list of music services, TruePlay setup (iOS only) and speaker pairing. You can put not one, but two Symfonisk floor lamps and get a pretty decent stereo.


Do not forget that this acoustic device is capable of both voicing and illuminating the room. For the latter, a bamboo lampshade is intended, although alternative replacement options are also mentioned.

A press release for the Symfonisk floor lamp said, “Ikea and Sonos will continue to challenge each other to find new solutions to enhance comfort through good sound integrated into home products.”

It remains to add that in American Ikea stores, an audio floor lamp will cost $ 260 – so far this is the most expensive of the Symfonisk models.


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