Steinway & Sons Model D 15th Anniversary Edition: The anniversary version of the legendary acoustics

In 2023, Danish high-end audio manufacturer Steinway Lyngdorf is celebrating its 15th anniversary. In addition, 15 years ago, the Steinway & Sons Model D flagship speaker systems were introduced , which have rightfully become cult. To mark such a date with the release of a special anniversary version of Steinway & Sons Model D 15 th Anniversary Edition acoustics is a completely logical decision.

ImageRecall that the company Steinway Lyngdorf (official name SL Audio A / S ) was the result of a collaboration between the famous American manufacturer of concert pianos Steinway & Sons and the Danish audio studio Lyngdorf Audio . And Steinway & Sons Model D loudspeakers had to demonstrate the full benefits of this cooperation. The developers of this model set themselves a very ambitious goal – to create speakers capable of reproducing the sound of a Steinway & Sons concert grand piano in such a way that even professional pianists could not determine the substitution.

ImageSteinway & Sons Model D loudspeakers are equipped with four large low-frequency drivers, a pair of midrange drivers and a ribbon tweeter, which work in an open acoustic design. The structure is based on a solid aluminum frame, lacquered in bronze and gold, which resembles a grand piano, and supported by piano lacquer panels, the same as Steinway & Sons’ famous grand pianos.

Each Steinway & Sons Model D speaker is equipped with two 400W class D amplifiers, as well as a DSP-based active crossover, including the Lyngdorf RoomPerfect Calibritaion automatic sound calibration system.



Steinway Lyngdorf has assured that the anniversary version of the Steinway & Sons Model D 15th Anniversary Edition speakers will appear during 2023. However, neither the exact date of appearance of new items on sale, nor the recommended retail price, nor detailed information regarding the differences between the anniversary version and the regular Steinway & Sons Model D remain unknown.

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