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The best wireless floor standing speakers this summer 2022

Choosing a real Hi-Fi without wires
Choosing a real Hi-Fi without wires

The phrase “wireless acoustics” for the vast majority of buyers is associated with small portable Bluetooth speakers. However, manufacturers of serious audio equipment have long launched the production of not only wireless bookshelf monitors, but also full-fledged floorstanding acoustic systems of the Hi – Fi class that receive a signal over the air. And many of them are able to sound great! In our material, we have collected the most interesting floorstanding wireless speakers of the current season. Rating, as usual, is compiled in ascending order of price.


7.  Magnat Monitor Reference 5A

Price – $900
Pros – Inexpensive floorstanders with aptX and aptX Low Latency support, built-in phono stage, HDMI input
Cons: Lacks Wi-Fi
Verdict: A handy entry-level stereo for all occasions

Floorstanding speakers from a German company are a 2.5-way system with 60 watt amplifiers built into each speaker, delivering up to 120 watts at a peak. The set of speakers includes an inch dome tweeter and a pair of 6.5-inch mid/bass drivers, the crossover frequency between which is set to 3200 Hz. Switching features include a 3.5mm analog input, an optical digital input, an HDMI port with eARC support, and even a switchable phono input for connecting MM players. Wireless capabilities include a Bluetooth module with support for the aptX codec and aptX Low Latency. Acoustics are available in black, the weight of the pair is 28.5 kg. The connection between the speakers is made with a traditional speaker cable.


6.Audio Pro A38

Price – $900
Pros – a large selection of connection options, remote control included, compact size
Cons – light for floor standing speakers
Verdict: A budget-friendly way to get versatile floorstanding speakers

The new generation of the Swedish brand’s wireless floorstanding speakers is a two-way active system with a power of 2 x 75 watts, capable of operating both in wired and wireless mode. True, the connection between the right and left speakers is carried out via cable, but this guarantees the absence of additional signal degradation. High frequencies are provided by a 25 mm soft dome tweeter, below 2900 Hz two 114 mm SR/LF drivers are used. A large phase inverter port is brought to the rear wall. In addition to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, the speakers are equipped with an analog RCA input, an optical digital input and an HDMI ARC port for connecting to a TV. There is also a separate subwoofer output. The speakers support AirPlay 2 and Chromecast platforms, the weight of one speaker is 7.5 kg.


5. Triangle LN05A

Price – $1200 
Pros – convenient operation, built-in tone block, good bass
Cons: no Wi-Fi connection
Verdict: Sleek and fast sound, a good compromise between classic and wireless configurations

The products of the French company from Soissons are distinguished by the presence of a Bluetooth module with support for the aptX codec, but it can also work with a wired connection. For physical switching with signal sources, digital optical and coaxial inputs are provided, as well as an analog RCA pair. All electronics are built into one of the speakers and include, in addition to the switching unit and the wireless module, a class D power amplifier delivering 80 watts per channel. The second speaker of the pair is connected via a high-level output with a five-meter speaker cable included in the kit. The acoustics has a two-way configuration – a 25 mm fabric tweeter and two main mid/bass drivers with 130 mm continuous profile impregnated paper cones. The total weight of the pair is 27.3 kilograms.


4. DALI Oberon 7C

Price – $2200
Pros – Time-honored DALI Oberon wireless sound, rich switching, full active power-on
Cons – none
Verdict: Real H ​​- Fi without wires

Successful floor acoustics of the Danish company in a wireless format. The Dali Sound Hub Compact module is responsible for switching and signal processing in the kit, to which you can connect both digital and analog signal sources. There are optical and coaxial digital inputs, an analog RCA pair, a USB-A port, and even an HDMI ARC port. The signal transmission between the unit and the speakers takes place through a proprietary protocol via a Wi-Fi channel in PCM format 24 bit / 96 kHz. The power of the amplifiers built into each speaker is 2 x 50 watts, the speakers have a two-way design – high frequencies are sounded by a tweeter with a diameter of 29 mm, two 178 mm drivers are responsible for the mids and bass. The crossover frequency is 2450 Hz. The weight of each speaker is 15.7 kg.


3.Q Acoustics Active 400

Price – $3200
Pros – original design, excellent equipment, powerful and surround sound
Cons – design for an amateur
Verdict: This is what modern H i – Fi should look like

The active speaker systems of the British company are equipped with eight discrete amplifiers operating in class D. The set of radiators includes two 2.25-inch wide-range Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) drivers, shifted sideways relative to the central axis of the speakers. On the rear wall of the case there are two woofers with a diameter of 4.5 inches, supplemented by waveguides – one at the top of the speaker, the second at the bottom. The total peak power of the amplifiers is an impressive 440 watts. At the heart of the system is a compact Control Hub that supports Ethernet, Wi-Fi, AirPlay 2 and Bluetooth and a wide range of streaming services including Amazon Music, Apple Music, Deezer, Qobuz, Spotify and Tidal. The speaker is transmitted at 24-bit/96kHz resolution, with physical connectivity options including HDMI ARC, optical digital interface and analog stereo input. The latter can be configured as an MM phono stage input for direct connection of a turntable. The model is Roon certified.


2. KEF LS60 Wireless

Price – $7,700
Pros – a serious uncompromising design, support for all types of connections
Cons – not cheap
Verdict: Stylish and powerful wireless speakers for true audiophiles

The newest model from the British firm uses a new generation 100mm coaxial Uni-Q driver loaded on a special MAT (Metamaterial Absorption Technology) disc that absorbs back radiation. Bass is assisted by four 135 mm woofers in a Uni-Core configuration at once, capable of creating a serious level of sound pressure. The loudspeakers have an active band separation circuit, in which separate amplifiers sound high-frequency (100 watts in class AB), mid-frequency (100 watts in class D) and low-frequency (500 watts in class D) ranges. Wireless signaling is possible via Wi-Fi and with support for Apple AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast, as well as via Bluetooth. The acoustic systems can be connected to each other both by a physical wire with 24/192 signal transmission, and by a proprietary wireless protocol, where bit depth and frequency are limited by parameters 24/96. The model also has an HDMI input (eARC) and an analog stereo input. The total weight of the pair is 62.4 kg.


1. Dynaudio Focus 50

Price – $11,000
Pros – full three bands, colossal power, WiSA support
Cons – pricey
Verdict: New generation Focus just got better

The flagship model of the Danish company’s updated series of active speaker systems supports AirPlay 2 and Google Chromecast platforms, Bluetooth and UPnP signal transmission and is Roon Ready certified. Of particular note is the support for the WiSA standard, which facilitates wireless connection to compatible TVs. Acoustics has a closed acoustic design, physical connection of sources is possible through coaxial and optical inputs, as well as analog RCA. The acoustic configuration includes full-fledged three bands, two 180 mm speakers work on the bass, a 140 mm driver voices the mids, and a branded 28 mm tweeter is responsible for the treble. The total power of the built-in amplifiers is 670 watts!!! The model is available in four finishes, the weight of one speaker is 33.5 kilograms.