Top 5 passive bookshelf speakers that are relevant in 2022Top 5 passive bookshelf speakers that are relevant in 2022
Top 5 passive bookshelf speakers that are relevant in 2022

Top 5 bookshelf speakers that are relevant in 2022

What if you want a compact hi-fi system without sacrificing sound quality? As you already understood from the name, the solution is bookshelf acoustics. It does not require a lot of space to install, and in terms of elaboration and sound quality, bookshelf speakers are not inferior and in some cases even surpass floorstanding speakers. Today we’ll talk about passive acoustics – you can connect different amplifiers to it in order to achieve the best sound. To make it easier for you to choose, we have collected 5 current models with good sound. Go!

KEF LS50 Meta

The first version of the LS50 hit the market in 2012 and impressed everyone with its combination of aesthetics, build quality and sound. In 2021, KEF introduced the LS50 Meta with an updated driver and design, although the form factor of the model remains the same: we still have the same case with a single Uni-Q coaxial driver, which combines the tweeter and mid-bass driver. However, the transducer of the new bookshelf speakers has been redesigned to improve the transmission of high frequencies. It uses special metamaterials to dampen vibrations from the large 25mm aluminum dome, which reduces distortion at high frequencies and makes them smoother.


The acoustics have a focused sound that will open up even in a small space. By its nature, the LS50 Meta resembles studio monitors due to its analyticity and sound accuracy – you will not hear “bloated” bass and bright sparkling highs, you will see the music almost in its original form, in which the author conceived it. A lot will depend on the class of the amplifier, its choice must be approached very carefully.

Amphion Helium510

Finnish hand-built acoustics show that user convenience and studio sound quality can coexist in one system. We recently told about the Helium520 floor acoustics, in which non-trivial technical solutions are hidden behind a strict design: a titanium tweeter that provides minimal distortion at high frequencies, and an unusual crassover point that creates a single and solid mids. The Helium510 bookshelf inherits these qualities, but in a more compact form, they will help you create a classic Hi-Fi system that will perform well even with low-power amplifiers and does not take up much space. A speaker with a paper cone is responsible for the mid-bass spectrum, which is very responsive to even the smallest signal changes, so the acoustics will be a good companion for a turntable or tape. For analog sound sources, microdynamics is very important, and Helium510 is just capable of providing it.


We compare the Helium510 approach to sound with studio monitors, but there is an important difference. Household Amphion acoustics do not tire the listener with excessive analyticity and elaboration; Helium510 presents a complete sound picture – clear and energetic.

Klipsch RP-600M II

Custom acoustics with a bright and assertive sound. The tweeter is housed in Tractrix’s proprietary horn, which directs the sound towards the listener, reducing room influence on the sound of the speaker system. The mid-bass speaker with a recognizable ceramic-metal diffuser, which is also installed in premium Klipsch acoustics, is responsible for the transmission of medium and low frequencies. It combines lightness and rigidity, which help acoustics convey dynamic bass sound and well-developed mids.


The phase inverter of the model is directed backwards, but this will not cause problems with the installation of acoustics. Due to its shape, the port effectively dissipates the air flow and does not create extraneous overtones. The model will especially appeal to connoisseurs of loud and rich bass sound, in this RP-600M II can compete with floor-standing speakers. The model represents an American approach to the creation of acoustic systems, in which the main place is occupied by endurance, reliability and unpretentiousness to the amplifier. In this case, the user will receive a detailed and detailed sound.

Shanling JET1

The company is known to many as a manufacturer of high-quality portable devices (headphones, players and DACs), but Shanling’s creativity is not limited to this. With the JET1 model, the brand is making a name for itself in the hi-fi sector. Acoustics is designed to work with brand portable amplifiers, but it will be comfortable beyond these limits. One of the features is the AMT driver, which is rare in the budget segment. Its advantage is in the linear and natural transmission of high frequencies with minimal distortion, which is why ribbon drivers (AMT – their variety) are often used in studio monitors and high-end speaker systems. The manufacturer also emphasizes that the acoustics have high-quality wiring, which other manufacturers sometimes save on. Trust this claim, as Shanling makes excellent headphone cables.


In the sound of JET1, we note the naturalness of the sound, which lovers of acoustic music and jazz will especially appreciate. Despite the compact body, acoustics play on a very large scale, building a multi-layered sound stage in which you can clearly localize musical instruments and vocals. This pair of speakers will equally well be able to “sound” both workstations near the computer and a small room.

Mission LX-2 MKII

If you’re looking at the LX-2 MKII for the first time, it may look like it’s upside down, as the tweeter is under the mid-bass driver. This technique is used to better match the emitters with each other, so that high and low frequencies reach the listener synchronously. Similar frequency equalization in time is used in more expensive professional-level acoustic systems, for example, in Tannoy monitors.


The compact LX-2 MKII has managed to pack a powerful sound with a deep bass that feels like it extends beyond the declared 55 Hz. It was amazing that acoustics can equally well reproduce both academic music and hard rock. Her assertive nature can cause goosebumps, even if the acoustics are playing at a low volume. The sound is very exciting – with the LX-2 MKII, you can safely begin your acquaintance with Hi-Fi audio.

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