V-Moda С-80V-Moda С-80
V-Moda С-80

V-Moda С-80: Headphone speakers for extroverts

Headphones V-Moda C-80 came out under the motto “Flip it. Switch it. Hear it” – translates as “Turn, turn on, listen (it).” And all because the S-80 can work not only as headphones, but also as small speakers. They have a “loudspeaker mode” – Speaker Mode. It is enough to turn the cups 90 degrees relative to the vertical axis and the sound becomes quite large-scale.

At the same time, the C-80 copes well with the usual functions of Bluetooth headphones that support Qualcomm aptX HD, AAC and SBC codecs. The 40mm drivers deliver the classic 20-20,000Hz with ±3dB of flatness at 16 ohm self-impedance. A branded mobile editor application will allow you to “draw” your own equalization curve, which will complement the existing presets – V-Moda offers them for different musical genres.


No less variety is possible in the design of the S-80. And it’s not just that the headphones received three colors – black, white and rose gold. There are also magnetic pads on the cups that instantly change the look of the model. The model will go on sale in July.

In the US, the V-Moda C-80 headphones cost $400 on pre-order.


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