Velodyne MicroVee X: 6.5″ Subwoofer up to 800W

Velodyne MicroVee X
Velodyne MicroVee X

The MicroVee X is a member of the compact class subwoofer generation from Velodyne Acoustics Inc.

The company calls it “the latest generation of compact low-frequency marvel.” It is the same proven design with two passive cones and a metal housing. The driver has been redesigned from the ground up and weighs 3.6kg, of which 3kg is the Y3 ferrite magnets.

The speaker diaphragm is made of carbon composite and has an ultra-flexible nitrile rubber surround. The driver’s voice coil is two inches in diameter and is a high purity four piece copper construction.

Class A/B amplifier delivers 300W RMS, up to 800W peak power. To do this, it is equipped with four massive 180 V MOSFETs with a current of 34 A. Switching power supply – also with two MOSFETs and a power of 17 A and 650 V.

The Velodyne MicroVee X has a DSP from Analog Devices Inc. All relevant parameters such as phase, volume and crossover settings can be controlled directly from the listening position using the Remote Eye. Classic RCA input connectors – input and loop through for integration into a two-channel system are supplemented with an LFE input.

The built-in crossover can be disabled using the remote control to allow the subwoofer to be used in a complex multi-channel system.