Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 7
Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 7
Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 7

Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 7: $180,000 floorstanders with ceramic cones

Von Schweikert Audio (VSA) of California, USA, has unveiled the ULTRA 7 flagship floorstanding speaker. The new addition to the company’s portfolio sits between the more compact ULTRA 55 speakers and the largest in the ULTRA 9 series. April, there was a separate demonstration for the Audiophile Society of Atlanta.

Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA speakers use a set of branded speakers – three 9-inch woofers and a 7-inch midrange speaker with ceramic cones. A beryllium tweeter works at high frequencies, supplemented by a double planar supertweeter – it is located on the front panel tapering upwards, and non-parallel side walls prevent parasitic resonances.

In addition, a branded VSA rear array is installed on the rear wall of the cabinet – another ribbon super tweeter plus a tweeter with a magnesium horn. In accordance with the GAIN (Global Axis Integration Network) topology, the crossover circuitry of these speakers is dispersed between the speakers, and the MasterBuilt Audio Ultra Line signal wiring is individually shielded and damped using point-to-point connections.

As a result, the VSA ULTRA 7 claims a frequency range from 18 Hz to 60 kHz and a sensitivity of 94 dB at 1 W / 1 m. The amplifier power, according to the manufacturer, should start at 60 W per channel. Von Schweikert Audio offers the VSA Room Adjustment Control Suite, which allows you to independently change the levels of the main tweeter, super tweeter, and rear array in 1/2 dB steps to adapt to your particular room.

In the US, the Von Schweikert Audio ULTRA 7 floorstanders sell for a suggested retail price of $180,000.

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