VULKKANO Blast+ : Wireless speaker with 40W of power

The VULKKANO brand  may be unfamiliar to you. But get their name right because very soon you could start hearing a lot more about her. With stores in Spain and Poland, this brand presents itself as a quality alternative in a market where not all products always offer what is expected of them. Sound specialists and with a catalog that includes everything from headphones to speakers, today we want to talk to you about it for the first time.

And something tells us that it will not be the last. Specifically, as a letter of introduction we have chosen the VULKKANO Blast + wireless speaker , a model that you can already buy in stores such as Amazon or PcComponentes.

VULKKANO Blast + design

With a size of  203 x 69 x 79 mm and weighing  650 grams , the VULKKANO Blast + promises to offer excellent sound power price for content and a reduced size. At first glance it does not stand out especially for nothing. It has a rectangular shape, with the brand’s name taking center stage at the front and the buttons for sound control, power, track advance, etc., at the top. The colors are a combination of gray , which gives it a sober but elegant look.

It is also worth noting that it is IP67 certified  . That is to say, it is not affected by dust at all and in terms of water it is protected against powerful jets. When we say water, we refer to fresh water, from the tap, for example, do not confuse it with salinized sea water or with other types of liquids such as soft drinks, oil, gels … These are more corrosive and can affect you. That said, and although it does not have the maximum protection, it is a fairly resistant speaker that you can take to the beach or the pool without fear that the sand or water from the showers could spoil it.

How do VULKKANO Blast speakers sound?

We are going to leave you first some technical data about its sound and then we will explain them briefly so that you can know what to expect from it, whether you are an expert in this field or if what you like is to press play and let you carry. It has a power of 40 W , divided into  two speakers of 20W each , and a  metal diaphragm . Its frequency response is  8Hz-18kHz  and features  DSP MAXX for audio post-processing.

And now, in Christian. Sounds good? Sounds really good. To give you an idea, most mid-range televisions are rated at 20W. This wireless speaker is capable of doubling it. The sound is vibrant and high, with strong bass and a good balance in the rest of the frequencies. You will listen to your music with a very good quality, a good performance and with a loud, clear and crisp sound.


An undeniable point is that, when talking about wireless speakers, it is very important to take into account the autonomy of their battery. After all, if we opt for this type of device and not for a complete tower, what we want is to eliminate the dependence on cables and take it anywhere.

This Vulkkano Blast has a 6,600 mAh battery and promises up to  eight hours of playback . This data may vary depending on the volume you set, if you use it in calls or with music (it consumes more at a higher volume and also if we make calls), etc. In any case, it is quite an interesting autonomy. However, the data that has not convinced us in this section is that the charging time is  three hours so that it returns to 100%. Quite high considering that it is charged via  USB-C and that it could have been optimized better. Nobody is perfect.

Connectivity and calls

To make the connection with the sound-emitting device, it uses  Bluetooth 5.0 , one of the most advanced standards of this connectivity and which offers a stable and efficient connection.

And finally, we want to emphasize that, although these speakers are designed to reproduce mainly music (either in small parties that we organize with friends at home or for our small office or even to give everything when we are in Rodríguez and we do not need anyone else to enjoy good music), you have the possibility to make calls from it. It has a  noise-canceling microphone , so you can make your calls with the greatest comfort and good sound quality, without interference or external noises that cause them not to hear you well. At this point you will not have any fault with this VULKKANO model.

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